Lu­mi­nance noise

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This noise is strictly about tones, and a lack of uni­for­mity in tones. When you look at an af­fected shot, you’ll see patches of bright and dark tones in ar­eas that you know should be the same colour, or tak­ing the same grad­u­ated pat­tern. That grainy look is also lu­mi­nance noise.

The only way to even this out is by blur­ring. The is­sue is we per­ceive sharp­ness in this same chan­nel, so blur­ring to fix the sky will also blur our edges. You’ve two tools to help: Con­trast, to re­tain the con­trast along edges and keep sharp­ness; and De­tail, to try and re­tain high­fre­quency ar­eas in the im­age.

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