We’re proud to plate up another great issue of dish, and here are some of the lovely people behind it!


Claire Aldous Food Editor @clairealdo­us

Claire is the mastermind behind recipes enjoyed by thousands of readers for more than 15 years, having been with dish since the very first issue. With a vast knowledge of ingredient­s and techniques, her constant innovation and imaginatio­n are an invaluable source of inspiratio­n. Always generous and welcoming, she focuses on creating recipes that are neither fussy nor overly fancy, producing delicious dishes that delight her guests and fill the kitchen with gorgeous aromas. “My favourite night of the week? Sunday. Having family and friends over for a casual, delicious dinner, usually followed by an indulgent dessert, encapsulat­es everything I love about cooking.”

Josh Griggs Photograph­er @joshgriggs_

Much like the best recipes, Josh is endlessly versatile. Originally trained in graphic design, he has skilfully turned his lens on everything from coconut farmers to beekeepers and swanky urban interiors, but food is definitely a favourite subject. “It’s a great mix of technical photograph­y (figuring out how to portray a dish in the best possible way) as well as a subject matter I’m really interested in. Being able to work with Sarah and Claire to craft a unique environmen­t for each of the shoots is pretty neat. From a late-afternoon Italian courtyard to a bright American-style diner, over the years we’ve pretty much done it all.” Then of course there are rewards of the edible kind. “Shooting for dish does always mean that lunch on shoot days is pretty phenomenal too!”

Yvonne Lorkin Drinks editor @winefriend­nz

Yvonne’s first ever gig for dish was writing about snail farming back in 2007. On February 22, 2011 (having recently moved to Christchur­ch), she was on deadline, bashing out a story about sausage-making, when the earthquake suddenly sent a goldfish bowl crashing down onto her laptop. “I might need another couple of hours,” she told our then editor, Victoria Wells. While food infatuatio­n and cookbook addiction hinder her from ever getting out of overdraft, it’s her expertise in wine and all things alcohol-related that’s kept her employed as our drinks editor for the past decade. She’s also a wine, beer and spirits judge, TV and radio commentato­r and the co-founder and chief tasting officer of, the most technologi­cally advanced, personalis­ed wine subscripti­on business in the world. But her parents (bless them) are still hoping she’ll stop all this nonsense and get a proper job…

Conor Fox Art director @conorfox

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