Redefining what it means to eat fresh


lready loved by New Zealand’s top chefs, now home cooks can discover the amazing taste and

Anutrition­al benefits of 26 Seasons’ sustainabl­y grown microgreen­s.

Microgreen­s are up to 100 times more nutritious than mature plants and with intense and unique flavours packed into every tiny leaf, they will transform a dish from drab to fab.

26 Seasons' array of delicious, nutritious microgreen­s are sustainabl­y grown in the company’s indoor vertical farms, where they flourish on the receiving end of a consistent supply of “sunlight” and vital nutrients. With no weather or seasons to get in the way, they achieve a full growth cycle every two weeks on average. This means they can be enjoyed at peak freshness and flavour all year round.

Chef Al Brown says getting great quality fresh produce all year round is a challenge. “26 Seasons has solved that problem for us with their indoor farms providing fresh quality produce no matter what the season.”

Our planet also requires us to redefine what it means to grow food more sustainabl­y, and 26 Seasons’ planting methods do just that.

Its indoor vertical farms use no chemical pesticides, less water (80% of which is recycled) and only a measured amount of fertiliser. Producing in a city, for the city drasticall­y cuts carbon miles, and 26 Seasons' farm footprints are considerab­ly smaller than those of traditiona­l outdoor farms.

And unlike most greens that immediatel­y start to deteriorat­e as soon as they are harvested and bagged, 26 Seasons microgreen­s last. Sold in the trays they’re seeded in, they are a living product and remain that way until harvested at home.

26 Seasons is paving the way for the future of food production in our country. So, move over kale in your salad, spinach in your smoothie and lettuce in your wrap and say hello to microgreen­s instead. It’s the smartest way to eat!

26 Seasons microgreen­s come in trays of singles or mixes – such as salad, smoothie or sandwich mixes. Grab yours from 26 Seasons’ in-store grow stands at Farro, Moore Wilson and select New World stores or online (Auckland and Wellington deliveries only).

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