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DNA: Why do you think the web series The Horizon has been so successful? Francis Mossman: Firstly, the internatio­nal demand for gay stories and the gay lifestyle reflected on screen. Viewers see aspects of themselves, their partners, their friends in the show. And the popularity of social media as a delivery system for niche programs has helped immensely. How did you get involved in the series? I’d recently signed with an Australian agent after migrating from New Zealand. They contacted me a week later and said The Horizon were looking for new cast. They told me to check it out to see if I was comfortabl­e with the risqué elements of the show, and I quickly became a fan so I was super enthusiast­ic about auditionin­g. Did you have to get naked at your audition? Not naked. Just shirtless. I know! I was disappoint­ed, too! Tell us a bit about your character, Stevie? He’s a chipper dude, very confident and comfortabl­e with his sexuality but not a big fan of the gay scene, hence he’s drawn to a down-to-earth country boy like Jake. What’s it like filming sex scenes knowing that millions of people around the world will see it? Oh, goodness! Well, the first day of shooting for me was actually a sex scene with Paul, who is straight. We hadn’t been kissing or anything during rehearsals, which is when he told me that he’d never kissed a bloke before. So I was expecting him to be apprehensi­ve when we shot the scene. He wasn’t. He lunged at me and threw me on the table. Sex scenes for the millions of viewers – I hadn’t contemplat­ed that until you asked me. I will now, though! Any behind-the-scenes goss we should know about? Oh, boy! I’d love to tell you but I think I’d get into trouble! Let’s just say it would make for a very interestin­g Horizon storyline. The guys are always reaching for condoms in Horizon sex scenes, aren’t they? Absolutely. Once I got the role I did a bit of research about attitudes towards safe sex and was shocked to learn that a lot of guys don’t bother with condoms because their friends who are HIVpositiv­e seem healthy and only have to take a few pills a day, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to them. The Horizon reminds viewers that it’s not okay to put yourself at risk and that safe sex is a must. Where else can DNA readers see you? I’m in three episodes of Spartacus: Vengeance. I played a gladiator-in-training named Vitus and ended up getting stabbed through the torso. What does Hollywood blood taste like? Bubble gum! What would be your dream role on stage or screen? I’ve been a fan of The X-Files since I was ten years old. I even wrote a dissertati­on for my Masters on it! Watching Mulder and Scully made me want to become an actor so my dream role would be to play a kick-ass, mega-intelligen­t but super-emotional FBI agent… with a cool gun! Your celebrity crush? Anyone from One Direction. Your song of summer? Anything by One Direction. What mischief are you up to in The Horizon season four? No spoilers, but Stevie attempts to finish what he started with Jake. He’s pretty persistent. What, whispered in your ear, is an instant turn on? “I’m a massage therapist… and chef.”

I didn’t have to get naked at the audition. I was disappoint­ed!

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