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JH Trumble is one of the most popular writers of gay romantic fiction and has several titles to her credit ( Don’t Let Me Go and Where You Are) – but readers may be surprised to learn that Trumble is actually a straight woman. She works as a school librarian, has a lesbian daughter and a passion for writing gay-themed books. Her new book is perhaps her meatiest to date – it deals with the fledgling relationsh­ip between two young men which is complicate­d by the fact that one of them is HIV-positive. Her previous books explored long-distance romance, bullying and taboo relationsh­ips. One of the main characters in Just Between Us is 17-year-old Luke Chesser, who was introduced in Don’t Let Me Go as a supporting character. Fans of Trumble’s previous works will be delighted to see Luke return in this contempora­ry love story that is sweet, sharp and touching, but also realistica­lly messy.

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