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Master of intimate apparel e-commerce Michael Kleinmann has boldly been covering men’s underwear his entire career. He’s responsibl­e for inventing the only holiday dedicated entirely to our favourite garment (National Underwear Day) and, in 2012, he founded The Underwear Expert, the web’s premier destinatio­n for everything underwear. He offers five essential tips for finding the perfect underwear fit.

1. Get to know your fabrics. The fabric breakdown of your underwear plays a key roll in its fit. Certain fabric blends are developed for high-intensity performanc­e and others for increased warmth; while some are purely cost-effective for the brand. Underwear made from micro-modal rayon and elastane will ensure a soft touch as well as a body sculpting fit. 2. Find your perfect style. The boxers versus briefs debate has been made more difficult with the addition of new and hybrid styles. From trunks and boxer briefs to jock straps and jock briefs, to more risqué options like thongs and G-strings, the right style is a preference-based choice for every man to make. Don’t be afraid to try out the more provocativ­e. You might just find that you were intimidate­d by your perfect style.

3. Watch the waistband. The waistband is a chief factor for comfort and a proper fit and it often goes unchecked. Find a waistband with great elasticity to ensure that sturdy fit. Wide waistbands have been trending this season, which also helps decrease tension in the waist. Lastly, if the waistband doesn’t have a soft touch to the hand, don’t bother putting them on.

4. Choose the right cut. Your choice of cut really depends on what you’ll be wearing over your underwear. It’s also a bit self-explanator­y. If you’re wearing low-rise slacks, wear low-rise underwear. If you put on skinny jeans, make sure you’re wearing slim fitting underwear.

5. Pay attention to the pouch. In recent years, many brands have included contour pouches into their collection­s, a feature every man should take advantage of. Underwear brands like Obviously, Andrew Christian and N2N offer more spacious pouches which increases breathabil­ity and comfort and makes for an all-around better wear.

more: Theunderwe­arexpert.com

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