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Free-balling is an adventure, not an extreme sport. If intending to let your boys loose, caution and good judgement are advised.

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Underwear is very sexy – especially the way we shoot it here at DNA. Snug briefs accentuate all the right curves and bulges, but too much compressio­n, if worn too tightly for extended periods, can compress soft tissues and lead to a decrease in blood flow to the penis. A snug-fitting brief might also increase the temperatur­e of the scrotum, which could lead to a decrease in sperm production.

Going commando alleviates all of this pressure and allows all the blood, nerves, semen and more, to flow, grow, flop and exist freely without crowding. It also allows the sex organs to cool down properly, reducing the risk of overheatin­g.


While going commando can reduce the pressure placed on the scrotum, wearing tight jeans without underwear is just as bad, perhaps even worse. The friction of denim, which is coarser than most cotton jocks, can create more rubbing and therefore more heat that could damage those man bits. After using the restroom, extra shaking is needed to get those last few drops out of the urethra. These extra few drops of urine can create an embarrassi­ng wet patch that underwear would normally absorb. Let’s face it, there is nothing sexy about a leaky penis.

For whatever reason, if your underwear is subjected to a long period of dampness combined with the direct skin contact it can produce bacterial and fungal growth… two things you do not want growing down there.

Whether it’s your denim jeans, cotton trousers or silky running shorts, your cock will experience more stimulatio­n than when safely enveloped inside a snug pair of undies. You may think, “Tick! Yes please!” But an all-day erection might not be that helpful.


I don’t really want to go there, but… zipper-related injuries. Please, please, please be careful when closing up shop. This is by far the worst potential pitfall of going commando. Lack of underwear and poor manscaping can combine to hit a snag. And because the penis and surroundin­g structures have a large blood supply, these types of injuries tend to bleed a lot. In the event of a zipper snag, your best bet is to raise the appendage, use ice and apply direct pressure with a bandage. If it can be helped, an erection is not advised until fully healed. Disclaimer: The informatio­n presented in this article is purely informativ­e and somewhat entertaini­ng. Going commando is entirely up to the individual and Dr Cody does not accept responsibi­lity for any injuries sustained nor does he not want to see photo evidence of any commando casualties.

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