Keith Ur­ban is a “douche bag”, Katy Perry is a “babe” and says Dan D'Arcy “I’ll blow you for cash!” In­ter­view by Marc An­drews.

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DNA: Why the name Lit­tle Bas­tard and how ac­cu­rate is it? Dan D’Arcy: We named it af­ter the car that killed James Dean. It’s pretty ac­cu­rate. Much like Mr Dean, we are all cool as fuck with just the right amount of ego and ar­ro­gance [laughs]. The name rep­re­sents the fu­ture of our ca­reer, which will ex­plode into a twisted metal fire­ball. In­tro­duce the band to the read­ers of DNA. I’m the bass player and one of the singer/song­writ­ers. The band con­sists of: Johnny Took [vo­cals and gui­tar], Edd Rowe [fid­dle], Trevor Davies [man­dolin], Liam Hoskins [drums], Matty Took [banjo] and Ross J Tip­per [tam­bourine]. Ev­ery­one sings and most con­trib­ute to the song­writ­ing. We are a string-punk band. The mem­bers also play in other bands too. How does that work? It’s pretty chill, most mem­bers have side projects; it’s all about com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Clashes can hap­pen I sup­pose, but I don’t think any­one will lose sleep over it. We all sup­port each other. Are you plan­ning to break into the States and be the new Lorde or Keith Ur­ban? [Laughs] Keith Ur­ban? That guy is a com­mer­cialised coun­try douche bag! We plan on be­ing noth­ing like him or any­one else. Go­ing to the States is a goal of ours and it would be in­ter­est­ing to see how we trans­late over there. I think we would ei­ther get laughed at or they would love us… who knows? What’s your most fa­mous celebrity con­nec­tion? To me celebrity cul­ture rep­re­sents ev­ery­thing that’s wrong with so­ci­ety. Most of them are tal­ent­less. Burn them all with fire. Katy Perry is a freakin’ babe, though. If you’re read­ing this, honey, I’d make a con­nec­tion with you any day. Any chance you’d go top­less for DNA? I’ll do things for money [laughs]. As a straight man, talk us through the ap­peal of board­shorts over speedos. Board­shorts are good be­cause they stop ev­ery­one from see­ing your junk. I sup­pose it’s cool if you’re some steroid munch­ing gi­ant, or [Prime Min­is­ter] Tony Ab­bott, but I’m not into it. Have you guys done any gay gigs and would you con­sider it? I don’t know what you would re­ally con­sider a gay gig. Play­ing to a room full of gay guys? I don’t see a prob­lem with that. Gay guys know how to party. Any plans for dance remixes of your stuff ?

I’ll suck you off for 100 bucks but Trevor and Edd will do it for free!

No plans, but I wouldn’t be against the idea. [Puts on a strange kind of DJ voice] Get on some pin­gas lad and mong out to the lat­est LB remix, awww shit! Talk us through your de­but al­bum. Well, it’s a god­damn mas­ter­piece that’s for sure. It was made in eight days by seven mu­si­cal ge­niuses. This al­bum is the great­est record ever con­ceived and, yes, it will go down in his­tory. It’s like a scrap­book. We all brought songs to the ta­ble and it was all col­lab­o­ra­tive. What are the plans for the band for the next 12 months? [Laughs] Get chicks! If this doesn’t work what will you go back to? Fe­tal po­si­tion mas­tur­ba­tion. Any act­ing am­bi­tions? My whole life is an act. We all wear masks, bro… Are you cur­rently ro­man­ti­cally in­volved? De­pends who’s ask­ing! Who is your se­cret male crush? Paul New­man in Cool Hand Luke. What’s your mes­sage to the gay men of Aus­tralia? I’ll suck you off for 100 bucks. Na, I’m jok­ing, but Trevor and Edd will do it for free [laughs]. I am the Nightrider. I’m a fuel-in­jected sui­cide ma­chine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-con­troller!

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