Ded­i­cated to “Dr Chaps”.

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Rad­i­cal anti-gay right wing ac­tivist, for­mer naval chap­lain and per­former of ex­or­cisms, Gor­don Klin­gen­schmitt aka “Dr Chaps” was booted out of the US navy but re­cently won elec­tion to the Colorado House of Reps. This month, Nut­tier is ded­i­cated to him…

“If we Chris­tians do not par­tic­i­pate in their sodomy, then we can be sued, bankrupted and jailed. I don’t think that’s right, I per­ceive that’s a de­monic spirit of tyranny that would come against the Chris­tians and force us to con­vert to their re­li­gion.” “[Con­gress­man] Al Franken wants to re­quire pe­dophilia in all pub­lic schools.” – Re­fer­ring to the Stu­dent NonDis­crim­i­na­tion Act, an an­tibul­ly­ing bill in­tro­duced into US Congress. Chaps called the bill the “No Child Left Un­mo­lested” amend­ment. “They don’t re­ally want the T-shirts. They want your soul. They want you to dis­obey God so that you go to Hell with them. It’s not enough that they go to Hell for dis­obey­ing God, they want you to dis­obey God so that we all go to Hell. That’s the Devil’s goal in the end.” – Speak­ing on a case in Ken­tucky where a T-shirt print­ing business was found to have vi­o­lated a non-dis­crim­i­na­tion or­di­nance by re­fus­ing to print T-shirts for gay peo­ple. Be­fore the 2012 elec­tion, Chaps re­leased his book,

The Demons Of Barack H Obama, which claimed the pres­i­dent is ruled by 50 demons in­clud­ing the dark spir­its of mur­der, child-mur­der, sex­ual abuse, geno­cide, pa­gan­ism, ho­mo­sex­ual lust and anti-Christian op­pres­sion… to name a few. Chaps later per­formed an on-air ex­or­cism of Obama. “You foul spirit of les­bian­ism, this woman has re­nounced you, come out of her in Je­sus’ name.” – Dur­ing his time as a chap­lain in the US Navy, a les­bian came to him for coun­selling after she was raped. He sub­mit­ted her to an ex­or­cism. “This man has his tongue hang­ing out, like he’s lick­ing his chops. Now you may call that love, but it looks like lust.” – Re­fer­ring to a pic­ture of a gay cou­ple joy­fully hold­ing up their baby. “Only peo­ple who are go­ing to heaven are en­ti­tled to equal treat­ment by the gov­ern­ment.” “I’ve heard about cases when peo­ple re­pented of pornog­ra­phy, they were healed of liver can­cer.” “You know what, cit­i­zens, if you don’t have a gun, I’m telling you – as a Christian chap­lain – sell your clothes and buy a gun. It’s time.” “It is pos­si­ble for demons or the devil to in­habit or in­vade an­i­mals just the same way they in­vade hu­mans, and that causes the sin of lust.”

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