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Dear Diva, One of my friends hooked me up on a blind date. This friend has known me for over six years and knows the types of guys I like. This blind date was a dis­as­ter! The guy was to­tally not my type and so unattrac­tive. My friend has been call­ing me to find out what hap­pened. I have been avoid­ing her like the plague be­cause she set me up with this dude. I don’t want to say some­thing that will dam­age our friend­ship but I am pissed off at her for wast­ing my time. Dear Pissed Off, I’m sure that your friend had your best in­ter­ests in mind when she set you up. Per­haps she has some in­sight into this guy’s per­son­al­ity and thought he was good enough to meet you? I don’t be­lieve in types. When you are look­ing for love, be open be­cause it may not come wrapped in the pack­age you ex­pect. And you will never know what’s in­side if you throw the pack­age away be­fore open­ing it. Of course you don’t want to date some­one who has bad breath and a head full of dan­druff. The Vat­i­can would nom­i­nate you for saint­hood! Call your friend. Tell her you didn’t make a love con­nec­tion but thank her for her ef­forts. Al­ways be gra­cious. You never know – the next one she in­tro­duces you to may be Mr Right. Dear Diva, My friend and I used to be the ul­ti­mate cir­cuit party boys. It was al­ways sex, drugs and any­thing else but we were al­ways to­gether un­til now. He met a great guy and then moved in with him. This is the first se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship he’s had in years and I want to be happy for him but I’m not. I feel like I’ve lost my best friend. He in­vited me over for din­ner with his new man who is ac­tu­ally a re­ally nice guy. But I felt like the third wheel. Dear Lonely Cir­cuit Boy, Your friend has moved on to a dif­fer­ent phase in his life. He has de­cided to set­tle down and make a home with a man he seems to care. Be happy for him. You can still be a part of his life. It’s nor­mal for you to have feel­ings of sad­ness as your re­la­tion­ship has now evolved, but don’t hang on to the jeal­ously and envy. Those emo­tions gen­er­ate neg­a­tive en­ergy. Change of­ten forces us to ref lect on our lives and take that prover­bial look in the mir­ror. You may be fear­ful about do­ing that, but when you do what you fear the fear goes away. Dear Diva, My boyfriend has sev­eral times sug­gested a me­nage-a-trois with one of our mu­tual friends, “Toby”. Toby is su­per sexy and I hate to dis­ap­point my boyfriend but I’m not sure that I am 100 per­cent on board with the idea. Dear Me­nage-A-No, Honey, if you don’t want to do some­thing, don’t do it. No­body li kes to dis­ap­point t heir man but you can’t let any­body dis­re­gard your feel­ings. Three­somes can get messy. If Toby pays you or your boyfriend more at­ten­tion when you are do­ing t he nasty some­body is bound to get t heir knick­ers in a t wist and it will all lead to drama. Keep your man, keep your f riend and keep your hands off Toby’s dick. Let t he choir say amen! Dear Diva, My sis­ter and I re­cently vis­ited one of our child­hood friends. She and her hus­band of­ten in­vite us over, and this time we all had a lit­tle too much to drink and I could swear I picked up a gay vibe from my friend’s hus­band. He is a su­per hot guy and since our last visit I’ve been fantasisin­g about se­duc­ing him. I don’t know what has come over me and not sure what to do next? Dear Horny Home­wrecker, Do not f uck your friend’s hus­band! Take a cold shower. Do you know t he pain, dev­as­ta­tion and be­trayal t hat a move li ke t hat would bring? Think of t he con­se­quences. Do you re­ally want your friend to catch you writhing inf la­grante in her sheets with her man? If her hus­band is gay let him ini­ti­ate it with some­one else, but it’s more li kely he just had one too many drinks. Some drunk guys will hump a log if it’s within reach.

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