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>> Do you ever meet straight fans?

I do! And I have a few straight friends who know all my lines from some of my movies bet­ter than I do [laughs]. I’m not sure why they are so into the script!

Is there a part of your body that you are most proud of?

With­out ques­tion, my eyes!

Is there a part of your body that you would like to change?

Right now, there is noth­ing I’d change, but one day if there is some­thing I’m not happy about I will change it. I’m a very dis­ci­plined per­son.

Do you still en­joy watch­ing porn or, be­ing part of the in­dus­try, is it some­thing that doesn’t turn you on?

I love porn! I watch it al­most ev­ery day but I don’t watch my movies. I find it kind of weird to see my­self on­screen.

What is your fa­vorite of the movies you’ve made?

I loved film­ing Mad Max – The Porn Par­ody; the cos­tumes, the set, the lo­ca­tion and the ex­tras were re­ally fun. (could be called Apoc­a­lypse by Men.com)TBC.

Do you have a favourite di­rec­tor?

I work with four dif­fer­ent porn com­pa­nies and all the di­rec­tors treat me very well. I can­not pick one. How­ever, I just got back from Las Ve­gas and the ex­pe­ri­ence of shoot­ing in the USA as op­posed to Europe is very dif­fer­ent! In the USA, they are su­per-con­cerned with mak­ing the sure the ac­tors are com­fort­able. That we have a nice ho­tel and we get plenty of rest in the days lead­ing up to the shoot. Whereas in Spain, I usu­ally go to Madrid, shoot the scene and go home all on the same day. Do you have any unique fans or stalk­ers?

I don’t have any stalk­ers. I guess I’m not that pop­u­lar [laughs]… all the fans I have met on the street or on so­cial me­dia are very nice. In fact, many of them help me with my so­cial me­dia since it’s some­thing I am ter­ri­ble at!

Have you re­ceived any in­ter­est­ing or in­de­cent pro­pos­als?

One guy of­fered to fly me to Thai­land on hol­i­day, but I was work­ing and I couldn’t get away but I was ex­tremely flat­tered. I also get many of­fers from peo­ple who want to buy my un­der­wear! What’s the cra­zi­est thing you’ve read about your­self on so­cial me­dia?

Every­one is en­ti­tled to their opin­ion, but two com­ments stick in my head. One was that I should re­tire al­ready since I have been in too many films. The sec­ond was that I should not call my­self a porn star un­til I start do­ing live sex shows in clubs.

What has made you so suc­cess­ful in an in­dus­try that is very com­pet­i­tive?

I of­ten won­der about this my­self! I think I just look like your next-door-neigh­bour. Plus, I don’t buy into the hype of the in­dus­try. I shoot my scenes and go home to ride my horse and fight fires. I don’t re­ally think I am a porn star. There are many guys in the in­dus­try with a >>

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