DNA Magazine - - CONTENT #221 - with Rob­byne Kaamil

Dear Diva,

My boyfriend and I went to the club last week and he spent the night flirt­ing with some guy we met there. He ig­nored me the whole time, and did I men­tion that I ended up pay­ing for ev­ery­one’s cock­tails be­cause he for­got his wal­let? What should I say to him about this? Dear Club Widow,

Noth­ing! Bitch, you go to the club to pick up men. You take your man to the club and, for sure, some horny moth­er­fucker is go­ing shake his booty in your man’s face and try to drag him back to his place to fuck his brains out. You go to the club – this is what you can ex­pect. Ei­ther get on­board with that or quit whin­ing. If you wanna take your man out in pub­lic with­out him flirt­ing with some drunk ass, try brunch. Dear Diva,

My boyfriend has been so ir­ri­ta­ble lately. Ev­ery­thing I do or say seems to make him an­gry. I’m not sure why his be­hav­ior has changed. Ev­ery day there is an ar­gu­ment. Any sug­ges­tions? Dear Ir­ri­ta­ble Boyfriend Syn­drome,

All cou­ples have the oc­ca­sional dis­agree­ment or ar­gu­ment, but ev­ery day is too much. You need to have a talk with this moth­er­fucker and find out what’s be­hind all this an­i­mos­ity. No­body needs all his drama. Life is too short. Dear Diva,

Some of my friends came to town for a few days and they in­vited me and my boyfriend to din­ner. My boyfriend was too tired to go so I went alone. But he got an­gry that I went with­out him. Was I un­rea­son­able to go? Dear So­cial But­ter­fly,

Hell, no! What the fuck is your man smok­ing? Did he ex­pect you to blow off your friends be­cause he was too tired? Boo-fuck­ing-hoo. He’s be­ing ridicu­lous. News flash: you’re still al­lowed to so­cial­ize with your friends when you’re in a re­la­tion­ship. He doesn’t need to tag along. Maybe he’s pissed at you be­cause he wants to dis­cuss the cause of his tired­ness. Maybe things are tough at work or with fam­ily. It wouldn’t hurt to ask him. Dear Diva,

I’ve been look­ing for a mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ship for a while now. I’ve been dat­ing this great guy for sev­eral weeks. Things are go­ing well and I re­ally like him. I thought he felt the same about me but he says he prefers an open re­la­tion­ship and isn’t look­ing to get se­ri­ous. I’m not sure how to move for­ward. Dear Mr Mean­ing­ful,

You know what? I like this man, too. He’s told you early on what sort of re­la­tion­ship he’s look­ing for. Bet­ter he does that now than six months down the track, right? Have you told him – clearly – what you want? Make sure you do. But if you’re look­ing for a com­mit­ted re­la­tion­ship, you prob­a­bly won’t get it with this moth­er­fucker. Mov­ing for­ward? Move on!

Bitch, you take your man to the club and some horny moth­er­fucker is go­ing to try to fuck his brains out.

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