There are “style ex­perts” say­ing the beard trend is over but I sug­gest the con­trary. I think the trend is still grow­ing and will be with us for some time yet. Walk­ing to the train one morn­ing, I counted how many men had fa­cial hair com­pared to those that were clean-shaven. Of about thirty men, only three were clean-shaven. Of course, my walk to the train through my gay part of town doesn’t rep­re­sent world­wide trends. But it does show that the beard trend is still very much alive. A beard, like a blow job, can ei­ther be re­ally good, aver­age or ghastly. And, like a blow job, know­ing what to do and putting in a lit­tle ef­fort can go a long way. But where do you start? • Stub­ble is pretty easy. Buy a great pair of clip­pers and play with dif­fer­ent lengths. Al­ways keep the neck tidy and avoid the bot­tom line of stub­ble end­ing on the ac­tual jaw-line. Blend it un­der the jaw line for a more ca­sual, sex­ier look. • There are plenty of videos on the in­ter­net about choos­ing the best beard or fa­cial hair to suit you. I be­lieve that if you want ad­vice on fa­cial hair talk to an ex­pert and visit a bar­ber. Bar­ber­shops are now big business and it’s their job to know this stuff. Ask around among your friends about where they go and make a book­ing. • Don’t be afraid to tell the bar­ber what you want, but take their ad­vice on what they think will suit your face. You may want to keep vis­it­ing the bar­ber to keep it look­ing sharp, but if that isn’t an op­tion, ask them to teach you how to shape it at home and then book the oc­ca­sional visit for a beard-tidy to keep it on track. • Look­ing af­ter your fa­cial hair once you have grown it is vi­tal. This will in­clude clip­pers to keep it tidy, beard oil or cream to soften and style, es­pe­cially when it is longer, and even a beard sham­poo and con­di­tioner to keep the hair healthy. • When it comes to dye­ing your beard – don’t! Okay, this is my per­sonal opin­ion, but if you aren’t happy with the colour of your beard then chat to your hair­dresser. They will rec­om­mend the cor­rect colour for you and then show you how you can do it at home. I’m sorry, but home-colour­ing al­ways looks a bit creepy when it is grow­ing out. It is of­ten the wrong tones, and dyed in a block of colour. Hair never ap­pears all one colour.

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