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Dear Diva, One of my friends has just had his re­la­tion­ship end. He and his part­ner lived to­gether for al­most three years. My friend is so dev­as­tated. His now-ex didn’t give him a rea­son for the break up, how­ever, one of my other friends has told me ex is a big slut and has been sleep­ing around with so many dif­fer­ent guys. My friend is do­ing his head in try­ing to un­der­stand what hap­pened. Should I tell him the truth?

Dear Truth Fairy, Don’t in­ter­fere. If it’s true that he was a big ol’ man slut, the best thing he did was walk out of your friend’s life. Your friend de­serves bet­ter than his sorry ass. Telling him that his man was fuck­ing any­thing with a pulse will only add to his pain. His tears will soon dry and he will move on to find some­one who can keep his dick in his pants.

Dear Diva, Last sum­mer I went out on a few dates with a great guy. I re­ally en­joyed be­ing with him. But he told me af­ter a few dates that he wasn’t ready for a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship due to his de­pres­sion. He said that he wants to get bet­ter be­fore he moves ahead with me. It has been months since I’ve heard from him. I re­ally want to call him, but I am not sure that I should. What if he’s just wait­ing to hear from me?

Dear Des­per­ate To Date, Bitch, please! If he hasn’t called you that means he is not ready to talk to you. Didn’t you hear what the moth­er­fucker told you? He was up­front and honest. Stop wait­ing by the phone and get your ass out of the house and find some­one else.

Dear Diva, My man and I have had a very ac­tive sex life un­til re­cently. We used to have sex al­most ev­ery day. Now we barely have sex once a month. Ev­ery­thing else seems fine with our re­la­tion­ship but I’m start­ing to won­der if he’s cheat­ing on me.

Dear Para­noid, Calm the fuck down. Most cou­ples don’t fuck like rab­bits ev­ery day til the end of eter­nity. If you want to spice things up, go away for the week­end. Some­times sim­ply get­ting away from you daily rou­tine can get your juices flow­ing again. I’m sure that you’ll be back to hump­ing each other sense­less very soon. But – re­al­ity check – the end­less amaz­ing sex in a re­la­tion­ship does tend to de­crease over time. Don’t freak out! Es­pe­cially if ev­ery­thing else is work­ing.

Dear Diva, I think my boyfriend is cheat­ing on me with his co-worker. He talks about him all the time. Lately he’s been go­ing to him for ad­vice. They go to the gym to­gether and they text each other con­stantly. Should I ask him what’s go­ing on?

Dear Sus­pi­cious Mind, It sounds like your man may be up to some shady shit. You need to sit his ass down and find out what the fuck is go­ing on. Stop spec­u­lat­ing. Ask that moth­er­fucker if he is fuck­ing this bitch. But… make sure that you are ready for his an­swer. He may just tell you the truth.

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