What’s a nice hip­pie boy like you do­ing in a flu­oro pink man-kini???


DNA: You and your part­ner Jess found fame on The X Fac­tor. Good mem­o­ries?

Matt Price: There’s noth­ing like your re­la­tion­ship be­ing thrown into a high-pres­sure re­al­ity TV show to strengthen you as a cou­ple. Fly­ing to Lon­don and Abu Dhabi and meet­ing Si­mon Cow­ell was sur­real. Then Jar­ryd James pulled us aside at the ARIAs to thank us for putting Do You Re­mem­ber back into the charts. It all seems crazy now. We met so many in­cred­i­ble peo­ple and we re­ally grew as artists more than we could’ve imag­ined.

You also formed a great friend­ship with Chris Isaak, yes?

We con­nected straight away with Chris even though he wasn’t our men­tor. He loved the fact that we were acous­tic singer/song­writ­ers and took us un­der his wing. Now we meet up in places all over the world and call each other friends. We fea­tured on his Christ­mas record along­side Ste­vie Nicks, and he fea­tured on our re­cent Songs From The Vil­lage al­bum. He’s well and truly a part of our fam­ily. He even of­fered to sing us down the aisle at our wed­ding.

Is it just me, or do you ac­tu­ally look like a young Chris Isaak?

Oh, I’ll take that! Jess would be happy you said that be­cause she’s al­ways had a huge thing for Chris. Hope­fully I can grow into the strap­ping sil­ver fox he is to­day!

Songs From The Vil­lage fea­tures ’60s protest songs. Does that say some­thing about our cur­rent era?

These songs are more rel­e­vant than ever. You can feel there’s a huge change com­ing and you only have to look at the re­cent mar­riage equal­ity win to see it. To stand up and fight for what you be­lieve in, and to ques­tion the world… these are the songs that en­cour­aged peo­ple to use their voice, and it’s im­por­tant that such mes­sages are kept alive.

What was your ex­pe­ri­ence of last year’s mar­riage equal­ity de­bate?

It was very con­fronting be­cause it gave a voice to a big­otry that I didn’t re­alise was so preva­lent to­day. The idea of a young per­son com­ing to terms with their sex­u­al­ity while be­ing con­fronted by such an un­nec­es­sary and hurt­ful de­bate was sick­en­ing and harm­ful. When Jess and I were in New York record­ing the al­bum, we sung a pas­sage writ­ten by Bob Dy­lan from The Times They Are A Changin’ to en­cour­age

Aus­tralians to vote. The lyrics, “Come se­na­tors, con­gress­man please heed the call, don’t stand in the door­way don’t block up the hall… there’s a bat­tle out­side and it’s rag­ing, it will soon shake your win­dows and rat­tle your walls, for the times they are a chang­ing’”. Says it all!

You both re­ally en­gaged with it, didn’t you? Yes, we did, pub­licly. Peo­ple told us we should stick to mu­sic and stay out of pol­i­tics but, at the end of the day, this was never a po­lit­i­cal is­sue – it was ba­sic hu­man rights. This was a point that many, sadly, couldn’t com­pre­hend. The love and sup­port of the com­mu­nity pre­vailed and I only hope that helps re­pair some the dam­age, and that we move for­ward stronger as a na­tion.

Do you see a strong con­nec­tion be­tween hu­man rights and the arts?

The day we stop stand­ing up for hu­man rights is the day we lose our in­tegrity as artists and, ul­ti­mately, as hu­man be­ings.

Do you have gay fam­ily mem­bers?

Both our aun­ties are gay, as are many of our clos­est friends. We saw first-hand the con­fronting emo­tions that so many of our loved ones faced. There were happy tears when the re­sult came in, and Mardi Gras was just so beau­ti­ful and the en­ergy in the air was elec­tric. It was some­thing we’ll never for­get.

Apart from Jess, who is your mu­sic diva?

For me, Ste­vie Nicks is the ul­ti­mate diva. The way she joined Fleet­wood Mac as the plus-one to her then-boyfriend Lind­sey Buck­ing­ham, and went on to be­come one of the most in­flu­en­tial artists of our time… She is also su­per badass with her cameos in Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story.

What about Aretha, who we re­cently lost? Aretha Franklin was a one-of-a-kind of artist. She em­pow­ered and in­spired gen­er­a­tions of peo­ple, both mu­si­cians and non-mu­si­cians, and that is where the true power of mu­sic lies. She was a fierce trail­blazer and left a le­gacy that will live on to in­spire oth­ers for­ever, in­clud­ing my­self.

Madonna re­cently turned 60. What do you think of her longevity?

She’s so unique and con­stantly evolv­ing. I think her fans look up to her for that. That’s the true def­i­ni­tion of an artist, and it’s what makes her a le­gend. I love Vogue!

Tak­ing part in All To­gether Now must be quite a unique ex­pe­ri­ence?

It’s so dif­fer­ent to any other singing show we’ve been a part of and be­ing in the judg­ing seat has been a won­der­ful new ex­pe­ri­ence. The idea that peo­ple are com­ing from all walks of life to sing their hearts out to en­ter­tain us is amaz­ing. $100,000 can change lives and that’s what this show does.

Your team cap­tain is Ro­nan Keat­ing. Are you a fan of his and Boy­zone’s mu­sic?

We’ve worked with Ro­nan a few times now, most re­cently on Love Child where we ap­peared in a cameo, and we get along like a house on fire. I’ve al­ways been a tragic sucker for a bit of boy band corry. Er… corry?

Chore­og­ra­phy! And Boy­zone de­liver it in spades. So be­ing a fan is a big yes for me.

Your ca­reer is still young but you’ve al­ready had some no­table high­lights, cor­rect? Ab­so­lutely – hang­ing with Ste­vie Nicks! To have one of my big­gest idols sit down with me and to chat like I was her equal was ridicu­lous. She gave some amaz­ing ad­vice and even ded­i­cated her song Land­slide to us at her con­cert. That was after see­ing us per­form on X Fac­tor while she was here tour­ing and watch­ing TV in her ho­tel room.

You have in­cred­i­ble hair; how do you look after it?

Why thank you! I have a lot of it so I try not to wash it too reg­u­larly. The dirtier the bet­ter, within rea­son, of course! I ac­tu­ally need a hair­cut ev­ery two weeks be­fore it gets to­tally out of hand.

Have you ever had an on-stage wardrobe mal­func­tion?

[Laughs.] Oh, yes! I’ve been on stage and per­formed an en­tire show with my fly un­done. It wouldn’t have been so no­tice­able had I not worn skinny white pants with red undies!

On the undies front: fit­ted box­ers, briefs or free­balling?

Briefs! I al­ways sleep nude, but dur­ing the day you’ve got to make sure ev­ery­thing’s in place with still enough room to breathe.

Sum­mer’s com­ing; speedos or board­ies? Board­ies gen­er­ally be­cause, no mat­ter how much I train them, I have chicken legs! But I do love a budgie smug­gler from time to time when I’m feel­ing con­fi­dent, not to men­tion tanned! In fact, the boys re­cently put me in a lovely pink flu­oro Bo­rat man-kini for my buck’s week­end! Jess fake-tanned my bum be­cause I had a feel­ing my legs would be out!

Matt and Jess on X Fac­tor.

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