Meet Smashby, the Brit boy-pop wannabe who loves twerk­ing and is plan­ning world dom­i­na­tion!

DNA Magazine - - CONTENT #225 - By Marc An­drews

DNA: What’s a nice boy like you do­ing with a name like Smashby?

Smashby: I’m def­i­nitely a nice boy but Smashby is bold and makes me feel em­pow­ered.

…in the tra­di­tion of sin­gle named di­vas like Cher, Madonna and Björk?

Of course! Cher, Madonna, Björk… Smashby! Who has most in­flu­enced you mu­si­cally? Brit­ney Spears, Lady Gaga and Ke­sha, plus more iconic artists like Fred­die Mer­cury and Michael Jack­son.

Grow­ing up, whose posters did you have on your walls?

Brit­ney, of course. Mi­ley, too. [Laughs.]

De­fine your mu­si­cal style?

It’s elec­tro-pop-meets-dance pop, su­per fun, synth-filled pop an­thems.

Are you the next wave of openly gay pop star? There’s no one like me out there right now. I’m a lit­tle fire­cracker and I wanna change the world. When did you come out?

I was 15 when some­one outed me, but I was gonna come out any­ways.

Your new track, Wild One, tack­les the sub­ject of bul­ly­ing. Is this close to your heart? Mas­sively. I’ve been bul­lied since I can re­mem­ber and had a lot of dark times but they never dimmed my light.

In the video, your body is cov­ered with anti­gay taunts. Why?

This felt this was im­por­tant. I wanted to make a state­ment – that those words don’t stick. That’s why I wash them off at the end.

Are you ready for global dom­i­na­tion?

I was born ready. [Laughs.]

You’ve played lots of Pride fes­ti­vals, but are you plan­ning for arena tours one day?

I’m al­ways plan­ning crazy ideas that I could only do in an arena. Put it this way, when you’re buy­ing a ticket to my show you’re get­ting your money’s worth.

What are the things that make you an­gry about the world?

Bul­ly­ing and an­i­mal abuse re­ally get to me. What do you love?

I love, love, love any­one who’s them­selves and doesn’t care what any­one thinks. I love my fam­ily, my crazy friends, I love an­i­mals, like, way more than peo­ple and I love boys. I love girls, too, but in a dif­fer­ent way. [Laughs.]

Are you ro­man­ti­cally at­tached?

I’ve al­ways been sin­gle. I’ve yet to have my first re­la­tion­ship, which sounds kinda sad but I’m just liv­ing my life. I would like to be with some­one, but not just any­one, which is a ref­er­ence to my song Some­one.

What do you like to do when you’re not mak­ing mu­sic?

I love chill­ing out, eat­ing junk food and watch­ing movies I’ve seen a mil­lion times.

I love go­ing out with my besties and get­ting drunk. There will be danc­ing, twerk­ing – lots of twerk­ing. [Laughs.]

What’s one thing that might sur­prise peo­ple about you?

I can get so­cially awk­ward some­times when meet­ing new peo­ple. It takes me a while to be my­self. Not my fans, though, they get me. Are you sex pos­i­tive?

To­tally sex pos­i­tive. I love sex. I also love talk­ing about sex. My friends can al­ways count on me to say some­thing ou­tra­geous no mat­ter where we are. Like, we could be in a re­ally quiet restau­rant and I’ll just tell ev­ery­one how much my straight friends want my bussy. I love em­bar­rass­ing them.

At the beach – speedos, board­shorts or nude? De­pends on what beach and who I’m with. Nor­mally I’m a short-shorts kinda guy.

What’s the next 18 months look­ing like?

I just re­leased the Wild One EP so I’m look­ing to re­lease more mu­sic videos and remixes. I have a lot of Pride gigs com­ing up and I’d love to take it world­wide. I’m re­ally ex­cited about the fu­ture. There’s a lot hap­pen­ing.

What’s your mes­sage to DNA read­ers? Al­ways be your­self, have fun and don’t take life too se­ri­ously. We’re here for a good time, not a long time.

My straight friends want my bussy.

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