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New Year res­o­lu­tion is to be a more pleas­ant per­son. Each year, around Jan­uary 13th as I’m bark­ing or­ders at my bestie, Miss Peta, she re­minds me that, yet again, I couldn’t even last two weeks.

Per­haps we should all stick to groom­ing res­o­lu­tions in­stead? Here are an easy four to start your 2019.


Be­gin the New Year by head­ing into the shower and throw­ing away the loofah you bought in 2015 – then go buy a new one. Make sure it’s a quick dry­ing, hy­gienic ma­te­rial and throw it in the wash­ing ma­chine at least once a week and al­ways hang it out to dry in the sun.


I know that the wor­ry­ing sound den­tists’ tools make as they en­ter your mouth can be quite alarm­ing, but if you are won­der­ing why, in the past year, no one has wanted to kiss you, might I sug­gest that both gum dis­ease and tooth de­cay cause bad breath! Book an ap­point­ment this Jan­uary and get smooching in 2019.


Check your bath­room van­ity to see if you need to have a good chuck out ses­sion. One thing to be on the look­out for is skin care and fra­grances that have gone bad. Most have a shelf life of about two years and will usu­ally have ex­piry dates. If it has ex­pired, then dump it and go on a spend­ing spree for New Year po­tions and lo­tions.


Gum dis­ease and tooth de­cay cause bad breath. Call your den­tist.

Take a look through some of your old pho­tos and see when you last changed your look? If it’s been a few years, it’s time to go with some­thing new. If your hair is short, grow a bit of length at the back – not a mul­let as such – just add some tex­ture. Or some­thing to hold on to: gr­rrrrr! Or if you have longer, floppy hair, take it short and sharp and ex­per­i­ment with a trimmed beard or goa­tee. If it’s a dis­as­ter, there are so many good wigs avail­able… kid­ding!

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