Euro­vi­sion, Mardi Gras, Kylie… if it’s gay, Joel Creasey is nearby with a mi­cro­phone. We spill the tea with the pin-up boy of com­edy.

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Euro­vi­sion, Mardi Gras, Kylie… if it’s gay, Joel is nearby with a mi­cro­phone.

DNA: You’ve hosted two of the big­gest gay events of the gay cal­en­dar year – Syd­ney Mardi Gras and Euro­vi­sion. Do you have the best job in the world?

Joel Creasey: Yes, and I am stoked! Christ­mas comes three times a year for me. I’m a very lucky boy. There’s a bit of pres­sure, but I’m very happy to be do­ing this job. And you chated with Kylie Minogue dur­ing her ap­pear­ance at the Mardi Gras Pa­rade. Last year we had Cher, this year Kylie – it’s very spe­cial! I went to Kylie’s Golden Tour in Mel­bourne and she in­vited me back­stage for a drink af­ter the show, so I feel very in the Minogue clan now.

This will be your third year co-host­ing the Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test with Myf Warhurst for SBS; are you look­ing for­ward to Tel Aviv? Yes, and Myf Warhurst is, with­out a doubt, the sin­gle great­est per­son I’ve ever worked with. She’s di­vine, she’s hi­lar­i­ous, she knows so much about mu­sic, she’s hu­man Shazam! Just get­ting to travel with her is a treat. In our first year there were a few nerves – big shoes to fill – but last year I feel we re­ally put our stamp on it. So, year three, we’re all sys­tems go! Bring it on!

Do you think Kate Miller-Hei­dke has a chance to bring the tro­phy to Aus­tralia?

Ab­so­lutely! First of all, I think Aus­tralia needs to unite be­hind Kate be­cause with Euro­vi­sion: Aus­tralia De­cides [SBS’s tele­vised na­tional se­lec­tion event] it was com­pletely her song. She is, vo­cally, a per­fec­tion­ist. She’s go­ing to nail it ev­ery night on stage. What people might not re­alise about Euro­vi­sion is how many times they have to sing their song dur­ing that week. It’s a marathon. Some­times, a few of the top favourites start to fal­ter to­wards the end be­cause their vo­cal cords aren’t up to it. But Kate will be great. Plus, I know the stag­ing they’ve got in the works for Kate is go­ing to be mind-blow­ing. Our Head Of Del­e­ga­tion was re­cently in Tel Aviv to ne­go­ti­ate what we want on stage be­cause it has never been seen be­fore at Euro­vi­sion. Kate is a re­ally fun, re­ally cool girl, too. I’ve been a fan for a long time.

My show is just an hour of funny… you’ll leave dumber but I prom­ise you’ll have a good time!

What else will you get up to out­side the com­men­tary booth? Par­ty­ing with the gays? Well, I hope so! Myf and I have such tight sched­ules be­cause we do all the back­stage in­ter­views, too. The other com­men­ta­tors, gen­er­ally, just com­men­tate the show, whereas Myf and I do a lot of TV host­ing over there as well. But I re­ally hope I get to see Tel Aviv. It’s been top of my bucket list for a long time – such a gay city. My part­ner is com­ing and I’ve got friends com­ing… I hope I get out-and-about with the gays!

There’re a lot of sexy guys par­tic­i­pat­ing in Tel Aviv, who’s the hottest would you say?

Ooo… I’ve been lis­ten­ing to their songs but haven’t seen much of them yet. I find it hi­lar­i­ous that Sergey Lazarev [Rus­sia’s con­tes­tant] is back! I know the guy from The Nether­lands [Dun­can Lau­rence] is the favourite… he doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily do it for me in the looks depart­ment, nor am I wild about his song. Maybe that’s a grower, not a shower.

We’ve stalked their In­sta­grams and it seems their mus­cles are as im­por­tant as their vo­cal cords this year. They’re thirst traps!

I’ll def­i­nitely check be­fore­hand be­cause I like to know who I’m in­ter­view­ing back­stage. Last year, af­ter I in­ter­viewed the guy from Swe­den, Ben­jamin In­grosso, I got all th­ese tweets from people say­ing we had this mad sex­ual chem­istry and we were re­ally flirty. He was the one in­ter­view I couldn’t re­mem­ber do­ing! It’s the quiet ones you’ve got to keep an eye out for.

Tell us about your new stand-up show Drink. Slay. Re­peat.

It’s a re­ally sim­ple stand-up show and, I mean, that in the best way. A lot of shows th­ese days, par­tic­u­larly with comics com­ing out of Mel­bourne, are po­lit­i­cal. They push a mes­sage or agenda, which is great, you can make people laugh and cry at the same time. Some comics have set and light­ing changes, songs and cos­tumes… I don’t do any of that. My show is just an hour of funny, un­cen­sored send-ups from your sassy best mate. If any­thing, you’ll leave my show dumber but I prom­ise you’ll have a good time!

How has your style of com­edy evolved? When I first started out, I’d think, “Oh, I should add some pol­i­tics be­cause that’s what every­one else is do­ing.” Now I have the con­fi­dence enough to go, “Nup, you know what? I’m go­ing to do the kind of stand-up that I en­joy watch­ing.” Which is just laughs and sto­ries. People are not only buy­ing a ticket to the show, they’ve paid taxis, they’re go­ing out to din­ner, they’ve booked babysit­ters… some even fly in for the show. I want to give them an es­cape and a re­ally good belly laugh.

Does any­one ever try and cen­sor you?

Ah, my lawyers have, but I said, “Er, I’ll risk it!” What I do on TV is not wa­tered down, I just choose to do dif­fer­ent ma­te­rial. But in my live shows I let rip and sink my teeth into people. Rhys Ni­chol­son said, in his in­ter­view with DNA (#218, March 2018) that you’re, se­cretly, the nicest per­son in show busi­ness. Would you agree?

I re­ally wish he’d stop say­ing that! [Laughs] Nah, we have a re­ally good friend­ship and he’s killing it at the mo­ment. I’m so proud of him. It’s nice to have some­one like Rhys be­cause we go to a lot of sim­i­lar events, we’re both the same age, both gay men work­ing in the same in­dus­try. He’s one of my favourite comics and best mate.

Fi­nally, when are we get­ting you into your own DNA pho­to­shoot?

I’m a 28-year-old mil­len­nial gay man; I love a pho­to­shoot! Let me know, and I’ll be there… I’ll go to the gym or some­thing!

Joel with Myf “hu­man Shazam” Warhurst host­ing Euro­vi­sion: Aus­tralia De­cides.

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