pas­sion­fruit souf­flé

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pas­sion­fruit souf­flé

melted un­salted but­ter, for greas­ing ⅓ cup (80ml) pas­sion­fruit pulp+ 1 ta­ble­spoon lemon juice

⅓ cup (60g) ra­padura sugar 2 tea­spoons corn­flour (corn­starch) 1½ tea­spoons water

3 egg­whites pas­sion­fruit syrup ⅓ cup (80ml) pas­sion­fruit pulp+ 1 ta­ble­spoon honey

Pre­heat oven to 180°C (350°F). To make the pas­sion­fruit syrup, place the pas­sion­fruit pulp and honey in a small saucepan over medium heat and cook for 2–3 min­utes or un­til bub­bling. Set aside.

Brush 4 x 1- cup- ca­pac­ity (250ml) ramekins with the but­ter and place on a bak­ing tray.

Place the pas­sion­fruit pulp, lemon juice and half the sugar in a small saucepan over low heat and stir un­til the sugar is dis­solved. In­crease the heat to high and bring to the boil. Com­bine the corn­flour and water in a small bowl and mix to form a smooth paste. Re­move the pan from the heat, add the corn­flour paste and whisk to com­bine. Re­turn to the heat and cook, whisk­ing con­stantly, for 30 sec­onds or un­til thick­ened. Pour the pas­sion­fruit mix­ture into a large bowl and re­frig­er­ate for 30 min­utes or un­til cold.

Place the egg­whites in the bowl of an elec­tric mixer and beat un­til soft peaks form. Grad­u­ally add the re­main­ing sugar and beat un­til stiff peaks form. Gen­tly fold the egg­white mix­ture through the pas­sion­fruit mix­ture. Spoon into the ramekins and bake for 10–12 min­utes or un­til risen and golden. Serve im­me­di­ately with the pas­sion­fruit syrup. SERVES 4.

+ You will need about 4 pas­sion­fruit to make 1⁄3 cup pulp.

This delight show­cases the mag­i­cal prop­er­ties of eggs as the lighter-than-air bat­ter rises into a crisp crown. We’ve made the souff lé ex­tra vir­tu­ous – it’s gluten-free and uses whole­some sweet­en­ers to con­trast the tangy golden fruit.

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