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So many of my mem­o­ries are tied to a smell or scent, be it food, per­fume or an open fire – dif­fer­ent smells hold an im­print of a par­tic­u­lar time, place or per­son, and I love it when I catch a hint in the air which im­me­di­ately trans­ports me back. I’ve al­ways wanted to have my own sig­na­ture scent that re­minds peo­ple of me, but it’s a lit­tle dif­fi­cult when you spend so much time in the kitchen! Per­fume tends to get drowned out by the smell of spices or le­mons – lovely things, but not nec­es­sar­ily com­ple­men­tary to your scent of choice. It’s partly be­cause of this that I’ve never set­tled on one per­fume, but a few years ago I fi­nally found one – I knew straight away that it’s the per­fect ‘me’ scent, and it al­ways min­gles hap­pily with what­ever I’m cook­ing. Not long ago my friend’s daugh­ter bor­rowed my jumper and said to my friend, “Mum, smell this, it’s so nice, it smells like Donna.” She has shared so many cel­e­bra­tions and meals at my place, and I love that the scent re­minded her of all those good times. With mem­o­ries like this, how could I ever change?

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