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For most of these recipes, we’ve used a French-style all-but­ter puff pas­try (Carême) that’s ready-rolled in 375g 27cm x 36cm sheets. Find it in the freezer sec­tion of in­de­pen­dent su­per­mar­kets and green­gro­cers.

If you can’t get a sin­gle 375g-sheet of puff pas­try, you can sim­ply place 2 sheets of reg­u­lar thawed puff pas­try to­gether, so they over­lap by 4cm. Us­ing a rolling pin, roll the sheets to­gether to se­cure, then trim any ex­cess pas­try from the edges.

To make 1 large Pot-roasted Chicken and Tar­ragon Pie ( see recipe, p125), sim­ply use a 24cm round (1.25L-ca­pac­ity) pie dish, as­sem­bling and bak­ing the pie fol­low­ing the recipe in­struc­tions.

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