Rose and co­conut cake

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1½ cups (375ml) wa­ter 180g un­salted but­ter, chopped 3 cups (450g) plain (all-pur­pose) flour, sifted 1½ tea­spoons bi­car­bon­ate of (bak­ing) soda ²⁄³ cup (50g) des­ic­cated co­conut 3 cups (660g) caster (su­perfine) sugar 3 eggs ½ cup (125ml) but­ter­milk 1 tea­spoon vanilla ex­tract 2 tea­spoons finely grated or­ange rind 2 cups (100g) flaked co­conut, chopped 1 cup (50g) dried ed­i­ble rose petals+ vanilla but­ter­cream ic­ing 250g un­salted but­ter, chopped and soft­ened 2 cups (320g) ic­ing (con­fec­tioner’s) sugar, sifted 1 tea­spoon vanilla ex­tract

Pre­heat oven to 160°C (325°F). Line 3 x 15cm lightly greased round cake tins with non-stick bak­ing pa­per and set aside. Place the wa­ter and but­ter in a small saucepan over medium heat and cook un­til the but­ter is melted. Set aside.

Place the flour, bi­car­bon­ate of soda, des­ic­cated co­conut and caster sugar in a large bowl and whisk to com­bine. Add the eggs, but­ter­milk, vanilla, or­ange rind and but­ter mix­ture and whisk un­til smooth.

Pour the mix­ture into the pre­pared tins and cook for 55 min­utes or un­til cooked when tested with a skewer. Set aside to cool in the tin for 15 min­utes be­fore turn­ing out.

To make the ic­ing, place the but­ter, ic­ing sugar and vanilla in the bowl of a stand mixer and beat for 10 min­utes, scrap­ing the sides of the bowl un­til pale and creamy.

To as­sem­ble the cake, trim the top of each cake to an even height. Halve each cake hor­i­zon­tally to make 6 even lay­ers. Place the bot­tom layer on a cake stand or serv­ing plate and, us­ing a pal­ette knife, spread with a ¹⁄³ cup of the ic­ing. Re­peat, lay­er­ing the cake and but­ter­cream, spread­ing the re­main­ing ic­ing over the top and sides of the cake, smooth­ing to fin­ish.

Re­frig­er­ate the cake for 20 min­utes or un­til the ic­ing is slightly firm. Place the flaked co­conut and rose petals on a tray and mix to com­bine. Roll the cake in the rose mix­ture and place on a cake stand to serve. SERVES 8.

+ Dried ed­i­ble rose petals are avail­able from spe­cialty food stores and cake dec­o­ra­tors.

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