guilty plea­sures

{85 – 92}

donna hay - - Donna’s Picks 100 Favourite Things -

85. A child­hood treat turned gourmet. HONEYCOMB, from Adora. 86. A fun-filled golden frog. MILK CHOCO­LATE SU­PER FROG, from Haigh’s Choco­lates.

87. Sweet, colour­ful treats. MILK CHOCO­LATE SPECKLES, from Haigh’s Choco­lates. 88. Too good to re­sist. MILK LIQUORICE CHOCS, from Haigh’s Choco­lates.

89. Creamy ice-cream be­tween sweet, crispy bis­cuits. ICE CREAM SAND­WICHES, from Pat and Stick’s Home­made Ice Cream Co. 90. Cloud-like fruity mouth­fuls. SWEET­NESS MALLOWS, from Adora. 91. Pretty, nos­tal­gic de­lights. WAGON WHEELS, from Black Pantry. 92. De­liv­ered with se­cret mes­sages. FINE CHOCO­LATES, from Ms Pea­cock.

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