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• Among the Balonda peo­ple, an African tribe that dwells along the Zam­bezi River, it was once cus­tom­ary for a groom to prom­ise that he’ll sup­ply kin­dling wood to his mother-in-law for the rest of her life.

• Those who study such things – word mavens with a pen­chant for statis­tics, pre­sum­ably – have de­ter­mined that, on av­er­age, English-lan­guage text con­tains 56 e’s for ev­ery q. z A fish­er­man in the Philip­pines re­cently re­vealed a trea­sure that he’d been keep­ing un­der his bed for 10 years: a 34kg nat­u­ral pearl with an es­ti­mated value of $100 mil­lion. Ev­i­dently, af­ter find­ing the pearl in a gi­ant clam, he de­cided to keep it as a good­luck charm. The “Pearl of Puerto”, as it’s known, blew the world record out of the wa­ter (pun in­tended). The pre­vi­ous record holder for largest nat­u­ral pearl was the “Pearl of Lao-tsu” (some­times called the “Pearl of Al­lah”), which weighs in at a mere 6.35kg.

• The fe­male Je­sus bird is the one in charge, it would seem. She con­trols her own ter­ri­tory, al­low­ing sev­eral male birds to build nests within it. Then she lays eggs in all the nests, and the males in­cu­bate them.

• Be­fore the Beach Boys were the Beach Boys, they con­sid­ered nam­ing their band the Pendle­tons. z The name “toad­stool” ac­tu­ally has noth­ing to do with toads. The word is de­rived from the Ger­man words “tod”, which means “death”, and “stuhl”, which means “stool”.

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