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Mageiro­co­pho­bia is the fear of what?

Pinoc­chio means what in Ital­ian? Eton Mess is a type of what? True or false: The for­tune cookie orig­i­nated in the United States? In the clas­sic tale “The Cat In The Hat”, what is the name of the lit­tle girl? Louis Arm­strong was fa­mous for play­ing which in­stru­ment? Don­ald Trump (pic­tured) made a cameo ap­pear­ance in which 1992 movie? Who wrote the Aus­tralian Na­tional An­them?

How old was Michael Jack­son when he died?

What colour are a beaver’s teeth? TQ389. SEE THE TV+ GUIDE FOR AN­SWERS.

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