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some email ev­i­dence sug­gest­ing the lo­cal ware­house could be next to go.

Es­sen­tial En­ergy isn’t con­firm­ing that, but they’re not deny­ing it out­right ei­ther, and hope­ful Dubbo ALP can­di­date Steve Lawrence has aired some in­ter­nal Es­sen­tial En­ergy emails which make it ap­pear that Dubbo’s dis­tri­bu­tion ware­house, that stores ma­te­ri­als to main­tain the poles and wires, will be turned from a six-em­ployee show into a two-per­son op­er­a­tion look­ing af­ter the trans­mis­sion side of things.

The in­dus­try has three parts: Gen­er­a­tors which make the elec­tric­ity, the Trans­mis­sion net­work which gets that elec­tric­ity to the sub-sta­tion net­work, and the Poles and Wires which de­liver that power to re­tail cus­tomers.

That means the gear to re­pair any prob­lems with the poles and wires side of things will have to be trans­ported to the cen­tral west from ei­ther Grafton or Wagga, and that’s not a story that can be sold even in the­ory – it’s cost-cut­ting for cor­po­rate prof­its, pure and sim­ple.

If you want to find out more about your elec­tric­ity op­tions, Mac­quarie 2100 is host­ing a res­i­den­tial bat­tery stor­age sem­i­nar in Nar­romine on March 13 at Soul Food De­pot from 12.30 to 2.30pm. Email [email protected]­ for de­tails. AND then carry them around for a few weeks.

Two week­ends ago, we wasted a lazy hour or two on a few un­suc­cess­ful trips to Dubbo’s Re­turn and Earn ma­chines to get some cred­its for our drink con­tain­ers.

The ma­chines were ei­ther full or not work­ing, so in­stead of send­ing an in­voice to the scheme op­er­a­tors to re­im­burse us for our fuel and labour, we scut­tled home.

Two weeks later and it’s dif­fi­cult to sum­mon up the courage to try yet again, even though the bags of drink con­tain­ers have ex­panded like a bad smell.

I can’t un­der­stand why the peo­ple mak­ing mil­lions from this scheme haven’t been hit with huge penal­ties, but I’d say it’ll give peo­ple a grass­roots rea­son to hit the state gov­ern­ment at the next bal­lot box. There’s a lot of low-level anger out there.

It’s not the poor blokes driv­ing the trucks, it’s the peo­ple run­ning the show who need to give us some an­swers. WELL, Green­ing Ken­nard Park any­way.

Fred­die Fit­tler and a host of for­mer NRL stars hit Wello with Fa­ther Chris Ri­ley last week and joined with hun­dreds of lo­cals to turf the oval in just a few hours.

It was an op­er­a­tion run with mil­i­tary pre­ci­sion and all in­volved are to be con­grat­u­lated.

We should get the peo­ple who or­gan­ised this to step into lead­er­ship po­si­tions at some of Aus­tralia’s money-hun­gry big busi­nesses.

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z Ad­di­tional re­port­ing by Dubbo Photo News staff. Note: John Ryan is also a coun­cil­lor on Dubbo Re­gional Coun­cil, as well as be­ing em­ployed by Mid Mac­quarie Land­care. He writes here in his ca­pac­ity as a jour­nal­ist.

Hope­ful Dubbo ALP can­di­date Steve Lawrence has aired some in­ter­nal Es­sen­tial En­ergy emails which he says cast doubt on lo­cal op­er­a­tions.

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