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I’m clas­si­fied as a Natur­opath,

that’s my for­mal train­ing, how­ever since then I’ve done lots of other train­ing in re­gards to what we call Func­tional Medicine or Nu­tri­tional Medicine, which is look­ing at how your body is func­tion­ing rather than treat­ing just the dis­ease state.

I spe­cialise in lots of gut prob­lems. Work­ing with tra­di­tional

medicine, we look at how the ecol­ogy or di­ges­tion is work­ing, and we do lots of test­ing.

The tools to my trade are

def­i­nitely ‘change in life­style’ and ‘di­etary in­take’ us­ing high-end nu­tri­ents like pro-bi­otics, and us­ing things such as herbs to kill off ‘bad bugs’. It’s not a quick fix, it’s all about get­ting to the un­der­ly­ing rea­son why a per­son’s health is not par­tic­u­larly great.

I got into nat­u­ral health be­cause I just thought ev­ery­one

must have been into it! I grew up in a very healthy fam­ily. We al­ways used both com­ple­men­tary health and ortho­dox medicines, so it just made sense to me. I’m very good with peo­ple and I’m fas­ci­nated by the hu­man body.

Why do you think there so many peo­ple with al­ler­gies and prob­lems? We have a lot

more foods now that are so far re­moved from na­ture. Once you highly process any food and then add ad­di­tives, you don’t know what that is do­ing to the body.

We are choos­ing foods that are not de­signed for our ge­net­ics,

for ex­am­ple, we’re not de­signed to have lots of sugar, salt and flour prod­ucts. If you eat them ev­ery day you just get ad­dicted to them. Hu­mans are de­signed to eat cer­tain an­i­mal pro­teins, but you don’t need to eat a lot. We are de­signed to get those amino acids from meat rather than veg­etable sources be­cause of the way our gut is de­signed, how­ever we should also eat a high veg­etable in­take diet.

The most re­ward­ing part of my work is see­ing some­one en­joy life again. The peo­ple

who have de­bil­i­tat­ing di­ges­tion is­sues, and who are sick and fa­tigued to a stage where they can’t func­tion, (with ail­ments such as) chronic gut and fa­tigue is­sues, you take them on the jour­ney to try to im­prove that.

Life is too short to feel sick.

There’s so much out there to do in the world, and to drag your­self around be­ing mis­er­able and in pain is aw­ful. z Liza works at Mac­quarie Nat­u­ral Health, Dubbo Spe­cial­ist and Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion Cen­tre

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