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z French poet Ana­tole France once said: “The law, in its ma­jes­tic equal­ity, for­bids the rich as well as the poor to sleep un­der bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” z If you’re plan­ning a trip to Amer­ica in June, try to make it to the small town of Spivey’s Cor­ner in North Carolina for the an­nual Hol­lerin’ Con­test. If you’d like to par­tic­i­pate but are wor­ried about strain­ing your vo­cal cords, you can al­ways en­ter the conch-blow­ing con­test in­stead of one of the ones that in­volves ac­tual yelling. z You might be sur­prised to learn that famed Bri­tish au­thor Al­dous Hux­ley, best-known for his dystopian novel “Brave New World”, was a con­sul­tant on Dis­ney’s 1951 an­i­mated film ver­sion of “Alice in Won­der­land”.

z After the vows have been said in a tra­di­tional Korean wed­ding, the groom for­mally in­tro­duces his new wife to his par­ents. The bride’s fa­ther-in-law then pelts the bride with red dates, which is sup­posed to en­sure fer­til­ity.

z Jazz mu­si­cian Glenn Miller was the re­cip­i­ent of the first gold record ever awarded, for the big-band hit “Chat­tanooga Choo-choo”.

z In the 1960s, an evan­ge­list named Jim Brown took is­sue with the theme song of pop­u­lar TV show “Mr. Ed”, claim­ing that when played back­ward, the tune con­tains the mes­sage “the source is Satan” and “some­one sang this song for Satan”. His preach­ing on the sub­ject was so per­sua­sive that mem­bers of a church in Iron­ton, Ohio, USA made a bon­fire of record­ings of the song.


z “To make sure I’m drink­ing wa­ter through­out the day, I use a per­ma­nent marker to des­ig­nate lev­els on my large reusable wa­ter cup. I la­belled them 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm. That’s for a big one that sits on my desk at work. I have another for at home. This way I am not try­ing to play catch up later in the day.” – con­tributed by A.L. z Three ways to save money on wa­ter-heater bills: (1) Set your tem­per­a­ture gauge to a lower set­ting; (2) In­stall a timer so that it’s not heat­ing wa­ter when you aren’t there to use it; (3) Add an in­su­lat­ing cover to keep heat from es­cap­ing. z Game changer: “When dunk­ing a sand­wich bis­cuits (e.g. Oreos), jab a fork into the fill­ing. Then you can dunk the whole thing or part of it with­out get­ting your fin­gers all milky – or your milk all ‘fin­gery’.” – A.J.

z When you mi­crowave left­overs on a flat plate, be sure to spread them out for even heat­ing. The clas­sic ring of food is best – leav­ing the cen­tre of the plate empty. Slice al­ready-cooked pota­toes, and cover with a moist­ened pa­per towel.

z Need to light a pil­lar can­dle in­side a hur­ri­cane glass? Use a stick of spaghetti! The pasta stick lights eas­ily, and it’s long enough to give you the reach you need. It burns evenly, too.

z “If you like to save money by buy­ing large packs of meat – say, ground beef or chicken ten­der­loins – here’s a great tip for stor­ing them: Fill freezer bags, mak­ing sure to get out as much air as pos­si­ble. Then stack flat on top of a pizza box in the freezer.” – T.L. z Send your tips to [email protected]­bopho­tonews.com.au

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