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You’ll dis­cover your­self an un­sus­pected artis­tic tal­ent. One thing’s for sure: your creativ­ity will know no lim­its. You may agree to vol­un­teer for a cause you hold dear.

TAURUS: It’s high time to weed out the toxic peo­ple in your friend group. A debt paid is a friend kept, as they say! Stop lend­ing money so eas­ily and your re­la­tion­ships will only be­come stronger.

GEMINI: At work and else­where, you’ll be given a new set of ex­tremely stim­u­lat­ing re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. If you’re cur­rently on the hunt for a new job, you’ll come across a promis­ing po­si­tion sooner than later.

CANCER: The thought of tak­ing a trip this year is start­ing to take shape. The time to plan is now or never. You’ll learn some­thing new this week that will ben­e­fit your life in un­ex­pected ways.

LEO: You’ll be par­tic­u­larly emo­tional this week for one rea­son or another. If you want to some­day reach your long-held goals, a change of scenery is in or­der – mov­ing to a new city or find­ing a new job, per­haps.

VIRGO: You’re stuck on the sen­ti­men­tal side of things this week. A few of your projects will cause you anx­i­ety, prob­a­bly be­cause of your fear of com­mit­ment.

LI­BRA: You’ll fi­nally find a diet that works for you. You’ll try your hand at start­ing a home busi­ness, but it’s go­ing to take a bit of pa­tience be­fore you start mak­ing any real fi­nan­cial gains.

SCORPIO: Self-es­teem is vi­tal to your over­all well­ness. You’ll start to re­alise your true worth this week, and your loved ones will show you how much they care.


Your fam­ily will take up most of your at­ten­tion this week. You may re­alise that you don’t have much time left be­fore mov­ing day, and this will leave you feel­ing highly anx­ious. CAPRICORN: You won’t be afraid to speak your mind this week. If some­thing has been both­er­ing you for a while, you’ll man­age to work through it by con­fid­ing in some­one who knows just how to help. AQUARIUS: If you have any fi­nan­cial or emo­tional prob­lems, the so­lu­tion will come to you in a dream. Ev­ery­thing will fall into place and you’ll fi­nally see things for what they are.


You’ll never ac­com­plish any­thing by stand­ing still. You need to take ac­tion and move for­ward if you want to im­prove your life. You’ll suc­ceed in set­ting aside your fears and doubts and dive head­first in the right di­rec­tion.

The luck­i­est signs this week: Gemini,

Cancer and Leo.

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