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z Com­puter guru Jef Raskin once said: “Imag­ine if ev­ery Thurs­day your shoes ex­ploded if you tied them the usual way. This hap­pens to us all the time with com­put­ers, and no­body thinks of com­plain­ing.”

z The Se­cret Ser­vice is well-known to­day as the pro­tec­tor of the US pres­i­dent, so you might be sur­prised to learn that it was orig­i­nally es­tab­lished to fight coun­ter­feit cur­rency.

z The world record for the most pub­lished works by a sin­gle au­thor is held by L. Ron Hub­bard (who also founded the Church of Scien­tol­ogy). His first work was pub­lished in Fe­bru­ary 1934, and his fi­nal work – num­ber 1084 – was pub­lished in March 2006.

z Doubt­less you’ve heard of the Taj Ma­hal in In­dia, but did you know that there is a tourist at­trac­tion in Amer­ica that is so grand it is pop­u­larly known as the Taj Ma­hal of the West? In 1968, a group of Hare Kr­ish­nas founded the New Vrind­a­ban Com­mu­nity near Wheel­ing, West Vir­ginia. Though they be­gan on 100 acres with no elec­tric­ity or run­ning water, the com­mu­nity now cov­ers more than 1200 acres and fea­tures Prab­hu­pada’s Palace of Gold, an or­nate ed­i­fice of gold, mar­ble and hand-carved teak­wood. The award-win­ning rose garden alone is said to be worth a trip.

z Those who study such things claim that in the wild, an­i­mals don’t die of old age.

z The US town of Key Largo, Florida, did not ex­ist be­fore the 1948 film of that name star­ring Humphrey Bog­art made it fa­mous.

z “To fall in love is to cre­ate a re­li­gion that has a fal­li­ble god.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Thought for the Day: NOW HERE’S A TIP

z Sun­burn re­lief: Take two non­s­teroidal anti-in­flam­ma­to­ries right away (as­pirin, ibupro­fen) and soak a cloth in cold milk. Drape over the burn un­til it warms to room tem­per­a­ture. Re­peat if nec­es­sary and ap­ply a light mois­turiser. z “When pur­chas­ing clothes for a loved one in a care fa­cil­ity, look for gar­ments that are com­fort­able and stylish, but dou­ble-check that they do not re­quire any special care, like iron­ing or dry clean­ing. Also, be sure they are la­belled clearly with the per­son’s name.” – con­trib­uted by C.G. z If you want your cho­co­late chip bis­cuits to re­ally pop, sprin­kle lightly with course sea salt be­fore bak­ing. They do not come out tast­ing salty. Rather, the salt en­hances the sweet­ness and makes the whole thing ex­tra de­li­cious.

z “When you shop for shoes, go in the evening. Feet swell and ex­pand through­out the day, so if you buy shoes in the morn­ing, the fit might not feel too good later in the day.” – A.T.

z “I make my grilled cheese sand­wiches with may­on­naise in­stead of but­ter. I know it sounds gross, but it is so good. The oil and egg in the mayo flavour and crisp the bread with­out leav­ing it too greasy.” – S.O.

z To ease the ache of a “brain freeze” af­ter eat­ing or drink­ing some­thing re­ally cold, sim­ply cup your hands over your mouth and nose. Blow out hot air, and it re­cir­cu­lates to warm your palate in sec­onds. Works like a charm. z Send your tips to now-heresa-tip@dub­bopho­tonews.com.au

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