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z 17th-cen­tury French au­thor Fran­cois de La Rochefou­cauld once said: “Some peo­ple with great virtues are dis­agree­able, while oth­ers with great vices are de­light­ful.”

z If you wanted to dig to the cen­tre of the earth, you’d have to go down about 6400km.

z If you’re a fan of fish­ing, here’s a cau­tion­ary tale re­gard­ing the weather: A 48-year-old Colom­bian man named Felipe Or­tiz (for rea­sons un­known) de­cided to go out fish­ing in a rag­ing storm. He cast his line into a strong wind, but the line blew back and caused the baited hook to lodge in his throat, killing him.

z Are you a dip­so­ma­niac? The root of the word is from the Greek “dipso”, mean­ing “thirst” – and we’re all fa­mil­iar with the “ma­nia” part. “Dip­so­ma­niac” is just a fancy name for a drunk.

z Feel­ing pressed by ever-in­creas­ing postage rates? In 1911 it cost 1d to post a stan­dard let­ter in Aus­tralia, which is about 56 cents in to­day’s value, al­low­ing for in­fla­tion.

z At one time the game of check­ers was known as “chess for ladies”.

z Un­less you’re a pro­fes­sional dairy farmer who milks cows on a daily ba­sis, it’s un­likely that you’re aware of the fact that it takes, on av­er­age, 92 squirts to get a litre of milk.

z Jew­ellery lovers, pay at­ten­tion: Oys­ters aren’t the only crea­tures with the ca­pa­bil­ity to make pearls. Pearls can come from any mol­lusc that makes a shell, in­clud­ing mus­sels, clams, conchs and even land snails.

z “I like an es­ca­la­tor be­cause an es­ca­la­tor can never break, it can only be­come stairs. There would never be an es­ca­la­tor tem­po­rar­ily out of or­der sign, only an es­ca­la­tor tem­po­rar­ily stairs. Sorry for the con­ve­nience.” – Mitch Hed­berg

Thought for the Day: NOW HERE’S A TIP

z Many pub­lic li­braries are of­fer­ing ser­vices that you’d never ex­pect! I found that some li­braries will let you re­serve books on­line, re­new your due date or even have books de­liv­ered to your home. Some have reg­u­lar sem­i­nars on all kinds of top­ics. Check out your pub­lic li­brary to­day! z Give ripped jeans a new look with fun coloured and pat­terned tights un­der­neath. This works es­pe­cially well for jeans whose holes have got­ten out of con­trol. z “If you can print your board­ing pass on­line, do it! It saved us close to half an hour the last time we flew, and with se­cu­rity lines be­ing as long as they are, it’s time we needed to get to the ter­mi­nal.” – con­trib­uted by I.B.

z The first choice for un­clog­ging a drain should be a non­toxic one. Try pour­ing a half cup of bak­ing soda down the drain, fol­lowed by a cup of full-strength vine­gar. Wait 10 min­utes, then run hot wa­ter, if pos­si­ble.

z Use the news! Fold a sec­tion of used news­pa­per to fit in your crisper drawer. It soaks up am­bi­ent mois­ture, keep­ing veg­gies crisp and fresh!

z “Purg­ing is a daily sport in my house. When­ever a re­us­able tote gets a lit­tle worn down, I put it in my closet and fill it with things I no longer wear. As soon as it’s full, I drop it off at the op shop on my way to lunch dur­ing the week.” – E.S.

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