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Dubbo Works

12 Dubbo Photo News January 3-9, 2019 ONE WAY TO BEAT THE HEAT WHERE ON GOOGLE EARTH ? Where in our area is shown in this satellite image? Clues: Combines education with adventure; on the same road as a major tourist attraction. ANSWER: SEE OUR TV+ GUIDE IN BRIEF Feedback sought on Surface Water plan FOLLOWING public sessions in Narromine and Mudgee earlier this month, the Department of Industry is still seeking feedback on the Macquarie-castlereag­h Water Resource Plan. Changes aim to improve environmen­tal outcomes in the Cudgegong and Macquarie Rivers, address account management inconsiste­ncies between the Cudgegong and Macquarie valleys when Burrendong Dam is full, remove potential risks to the assessment process, provide greater equity to general security licence holders, allocate more water to most General Security licence holders, formalise a replenishe­d flow based on historic practice for the Macquarie River below Oxley, and more. The submission deadline is February 1. Visit www.industry.nsw. gov.au/water. Do you know a diesel mechanic or light vehicle mechanic looking for a progressiv­e career? Refer an Applicant who gets hired and you will receive: A Kenworth Merchandis­e Pack Or $200 CASH 7 & DSSO\ He said it’s a huge change from Dubbo. “I was looking for a challenge and adventure,” Mr Rennie said. “I enjoy the diverse range of equipment and technology that I work with here, and also the people I get to meet and work with. “But the best thing ever is of the course the scenery and the wildlife I get to encounter – it is beyond words to describe,” he said. The Australian Antarctic Division has just fired up a recruiting campaign for next season and applicatio­ns close on January 24. They’re looking for people across diverse skill sets including a plumber, communicat­ions rigger, informatio­n technology officer, aerodrome plant operator, boilermake­r welder and refrigerat­ion mechanic. You can’t help but wonder why they need a refrigerat­ion mechanic down there. For more informatio­n visit www.antarctica.gov.au/living-and-working/stations/ casey “Over the weeks I have been out on survival training which means sleeping out in a big yellow plastic bag for a night and walking over sea ice to see a penguin colony, and also just generally getting out around station when possible, weather and work permitting,” Mr Rennie said “Watching the ice slowly recede with the warmer weather coming we actually hit the positives the other day at 0.4 deg. “The penguins are so curious about us that they will walk right up to you to have a good look before heading on their way, it’s all still a dream,” he said. Casey Station had a delayed Christmas celebratio­n, waiting until December 29 because Christmas Day fell in the midst of a major resupply operation – the unloading of enough food and supplies to last 12 months, including more than one million litres of diesel fuel. Mr Rennie will be working in the Antarctic for the full 12-month season so he’ll see both summer and winter on the ice. JOHN RYAN By WHILE Dubbo sweltered in the 40s during the Christmas break, local bloke Jason Rennie was as rugged up as he’s ever been. After an eight-month applicatio­n process and six weeks of training in Tasmania, he’s been working as a Station Communicat­ions Technical Officer at Casey Station, one of four Australian-run scientific stations in the Antarctic. I.T., Science and medical briefs, radio license, low power radar system install and maintenanc­e, quad training, X-ray machine maintenanc­e and vertical rescue are just some of the new skills he’s had to learn for service in one of the bleakest and most unforgivin­g places on earth. He didn’t travel by water to his new worksite – for Mr Rennie it was a five hour flight followed by a three hour bus trip across the ice, arriving just before an expected blizzard. He told Dubbo Photo News with a crew of 120 stationed at Casey, there’s plenty for everyone to do. We offer ABOVE AWARD WAGES, Continuous Training and Developmen­t and New Modern Facilities. To nominate a candidate email: Cliff.s@inlandtruc­kcentres.com.au or call 0428 824 433 7HUPV DQG &RQGLWLRQV ƒ $SSOLFDQW PXVW KROG D 095,$ 7UDGH 3HUVRQV &HUWL¿FDWHV DQG PXVW VWD\ HPSOR\HG ZLWK ,QODQG 7UXFN &HQWUHV IRU ZHHNV RI VHUYLFH EHIRUH WKH ERQXV LV SDLG 7KH UHZDUG ZLOO EH JLYHQ WR WKH SHUVRQ UHIHUULQJ WKH DSSOLFDQW RQFH WKH ZHHN SHULRG KDV EHHQ VHUYHG 2QO\ RQH UHZDUG FDQ EH FKRVHQ SHU DSSOLFDQW 5HZDUGV FDQQRW EH WUDQVIHUUH­G IRU DQ\ RWKHU SURGXFW RU VHUYLFH RU WR DQ\ RWKHU SHUVRQ 2IIHU FDQ EH FKDQJHG RU ZLWKGUDZQ DW DQ\ WLPH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH 6HW FRPELQDWLR­QV DSSO\ .HQZRUWK 0HUFKDQGLV­H ZLOO EH FKRVHQ DW UDQGRP DQG FDQQRW EH FKDQJHG

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