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19 Dubbo Photo News January 3-9, 2019 TUNES ON THE TRACK ENVIRONMEN­T Have your say on household recycling DUBBO residents will join residents across NSW in taking part in a landmark recycling survey amid the deepening recycling crisis. The survey has been launched as part of Local Government NSW’S Save our Recycling campaign which calls for a state-wide approach to recycling which will allow residents to collect, process and reuse recyclable material here in NSW. Survey participan­ts will be asked a series of questions on their attitudes towards recycling, their individual recycling behaviours and their knowledge of NSW’S current recycling system. “This survey will allow us to gain deeper insights into what motivates people to recycle and will enhance our calls on the state government to come up with a practical, long-term solution to waste management,” LGNSW President Linda Scott said. DID YOU KNOW? Dubbo Public School once went to Year 9 DID you know in the early days of public high schools, students had to sit an entrance exam? The competitio­n for places at Dubbo High was quite strong because the high school had a very large catchment area and limited educationa­l infrastruc­ture. Students unsuccessf­ul at their high school qualifying test around the 1920s were permitted to continue to Year 7 at Dubbo Public School. For a number of years students who were not selected to go to Dubbo High could continue for a few more years doing non-academic subjects at Dubbo Public School, which was then classified as a Central School with students going up to Year 9. Dubbo Photo News. WHAT WHERE WHEN

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