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z It was Amer­i­can ac­tress, screen­writer and sex sym­bol Mae West who said: “You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough.”

z The world’s high­est tides are found in the Bay of Fundy, lo­cated in Nova Sco­tia, Canada. There, the dif­fer­ence be­tween high and low tides can be as much as 15.24 me­tres.

z If you’re a blood donor, you’re part of a sig­nif­i­cant mi­nor­ity. In Aus­tralia, only one in 30 peo­ple (3.33 per cent of the pop­u­la­tion) do­nates blood every year.

z Cars weren’t al­lowed on the is­land of Ber­muda un­til 1948.

z What’s in a name? Well, a great deal, it would seem – at least ac­cord­ing to those try­ing to make it big in Hol­ly­wood. Joan Craw­ford was born Lu­cille La Sueur, Roy Rogers was Leonard Slye and Dean Mar­tin was Dino Cro­cetti. Is­sur Danielovit­ch (wisely) changed his name to Kirk Dou­glas, and Archibald Leach de­cided he pre­ferred to be­come fa­mous as Cary Grant. z Are you a cacog­ra­pher? You may not be, but if you spend any time at all on­line you’ve cer-tainly run across a few. A cacog­ra­pher is some­one who can’t quite grasp the rules of spell­ing. z No­bel Prize-win­ning Rus­sian au­thor Boris Paster­nak wrote the novel “Doc­tor Zhivago” . When the book was first pub­lished in 1957, in Italy, it earned great ac­claim. How­ever, it was decades be­fore Paster­nak’s coun­try­men could legally read it – the book wasn’t al­lowed to be pub­lished in the Soviet Union un­til 1988.


z Do your kids love to have fruit cups in their lunch­box? They are a great snack, espe­cially packed in juice, but I don’t like the waste of ma­te­ri­als or the cost. In­stead, I use re­us­able screw-top con­tain­ers that I fill each week from a large can. The price per serv­ing is way less, and I’m not adding more lit­tle plas­tic cups to the mass al­ready out there. z J.F. writes: “If you’re old like me, put a list of your med­i­ca­tions on the fridge to aid the paramedics. Im­por­tant phone num­bers, too.” Too true, J.F. I would add that if you are on a num­ber of med­i­ca­tions, keep a list in your wal­let or hand­bag as well. It could come in handy when you are at a med­i­cal ap­point­ment, or just want to re­view with your phar­ma­cist. z Keep a kitchen sponge sprayed with cleaner handy when cook­ing spaghetti sauce. It’s eas­ier to clean up spills as they hap­pen than to try to get dried sauce off the back­splash.

z “I have a bright spot lamp in my laun­dry room so that I can look over shirts to make sure I have treated all the stains. I don’t have great light­ing in the laun­dry room, and the LED light re­ally makes spots stand out.” – R.Y.

z “Use flat, wide rub­ber bands around your mason/pre­serv­ing jars as a bumper to avoid glass-on-glass clang­ing. You can even write on the band to use them for la­bels. I bought a pack of very fat rub­ber bands for cheap at the of­fice sup­ply store, and they are per­fect.” – E.M.W.

z Cold wa­ter wash all your clothes that can stand it – espe­cially jeans and dark cloth­ing. It pre­serves the colour, and that’s in ad­di­tion to be­ing bet­ter on your purse since it takes less en­ergy.

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