Dirty “bi-par­ti­san” wa­ter pol­i­tics “washed up” for all to see

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The Ed­i­tor,

It’s sick­en­ing, dirty, and de­lib­er­ately ben­e­fits over­seas cor­po­rates over peo­ple who live in Australia. Have you no­ticed the ma­jor par­ties have both taken to an­swer­ing ques­tions on WA­TER with a quip along the lines of “we have a bi-par­ti­san wa­ter pol­icy”.

That means that nei­ther is go­ing to do any­thing more about it, and what­ever is done, isn’t likely to help any­thing or any­one. The re­gion will just be strung out fur­ther till ev­ery­one is flat broke.

Funny how things come out in the wash. Out here in the bush, we know the mod­el­ling was rot­ten, and ev­ery­one sus­pected there was an ar­range­ment be­tween the ALP and the Coali­tion to de­liver wa­ter to multi-na­tional “mates”.

But sooner or later, things “wash up” and come to light. We need to be ask­ing Sus­san Ley, the Coali­tion and the Alp/greens why they didn’t tell us the truth, be­cause solid con­fir­ma­tion came out in a rel­a­tively ob­scure doc­u­ment in 2012. If they didn’t know be­fore then, they sure did af­ter that, and they’ve all cov­ered it up at the ex­pense of peo­ple liv­ing and work­ing in ir­ri­ga­tion com­mu­ni­ties.

The gov­ern­ment, in pro­vid­ing “fur­ther in­for­ma­tion” in a re­port, high­lighted the in­ter­na­tional agenda: “In sum­mary, the gen­eral pur­poses of the Wa­ter Act and the Basin Plan are – to give ef­fect to rel­e­vant in­ter­na­tional agree­ments” (first on the list). They then rely on th­ese same in­ter­na­tional “environmen­tal” agree­ments for any so­cial and eco­nomic recog­ni­tion, which is a to­tal joke!

So Malcolm Turn­bull, un­der the um­brella of the UN, de­liv­ered wa­ter to the likes of his Gold­man Sachs mates and other global wa­ter-grab­bing multi-nationals. The ALP was very happy, be­cause that’s long been their aim too.

It is slightly com­pli­cated, but the sim­ple ver­sion is this: The UN and the global cor­po­rates sit to­gether, fi­nance coun­tries to­gether, and get con­trol of whole na­tions’ as­sets to­gether.

They gen­er­ally “rec­om­mend” that na­tions “un­bun­dle” their util­i­ties, and the “mates” take con­trol of the prof­itable sec­tions (e.g. power, phones, wa­ter) while we mugs keep the un­prof­itable sec­tors.

Wa­ter has been de­liv­ered to them at the ex­pense of we Aus­tralians. Global wa­ter-grab­bers have more say than peo­ple liv­ing in ir­ri­ga­tion com­mu­ni­ties, while our “bi-par­ti­san” gov­ern­ments feed city peo­ple mis-in­for­ma­tion, and mis­man­age our wa­ter.

Now, the ma­jors are want­ing to head off Clive Palmer who at least wants to ditch the Wa­ter Act and start again, and looks like he might get the num­bers in the Sen­ate to achieve it.

So, what are we get­ting from the cosy lit­tle “bi-par­ti­san” ar­range­ment?

Oh yes, prepa­ra­tion to stick to­gether no mat­ter what, so that Palmer and any In­de­pen­dents/mi­nor par­ties who vote with him don’t have the num­bers. This, even though that’s what Aus­tralians liv­ing and work­ing in ir­ri­ga­tion ar­eas want, and why there’s a voter back­lash in the bush. They’re the ones who’ve had most stolen from them while lies are ped­alled to city peo­ple who don’t re­ally have an un­der­stand­ing of what’s be­ing done.

They’re still not lis­ten­ing, and it’s an in­ten­tional bi-par­ti­san deaf­ness. Jea­nine Bird, Lee­ton Con­venor of the No Wa­ter No Vote cam­paign (2016 Fed­eral elec­tion) The Ed­i­tor,

To all at Dubbo Photo News, thank you for your gen­er­ous help with pub­lic­ity of the Canas­sist Gar­den Day.

We had a very suc­cess­ful day and money raised stays in Dubbo to help cancer suf­fer­ers.

Thank you again.

Prue Thompson Pres­i­dent, Canas­sist Dubbo Lorraine con­tacted Dubbo to say thank-you for pub­lish­ing the truck driv­ing story in last week’s pa­per [“Near miss drives road safety cham­pion”, fea­tur­ing road safety ad­vo­cate Rod Han­nifey].

She com­mented that we are a non-bi­ased pa­per and it was great to see that reg­u­lar car driv­ers can be un­safe on the road too, and is sick of sto­ries hav­ing a head­line “Truck Ac­ci­dent” when the car is at fault too.

She said that the list of tips should be pub­lished more of­ten and should be part of the sys­tem when ap­ply­ing for driv­ing li­cences.

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