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TEN years ago, af­ter be­ing hos­pi­talised for a se­vere re­ac­tion to chemo­ther­apy, Carol May­bury looked to her diet to im­prove her health.

With the sup­port of daugh­ter Jes­sica, Carol re­searched whole food ex­ten­sively. The pair stud­ied in­te­gra­tive nutri­tion and be­came cer­ti­fied health coaches, each evolv­ing along slightly dif­fer­ent paths.

“Jess al­ready had her raw desserts side­line go­ing and I was into the holis­tic coach­ing side of things. Then one day we de­cided to put it to­gether and as soon as we did that it all just worked, and we haven’t stopped since,” Carol said.

Host­ing work­shops un­der the brand Ma and Me Whole Food Café, the mother-daugh­ter duo finds a lot of their stu­dents typ­i­cally don’t know what clean food or a raw dessert is.

“A raw dessert means noth­ing’s heated over 37 de­grees Cel­sius. Once you start go­ing over 37 de­grees whole foods start to lose their nu­tri­tional value.

“The rea­son we use all cold in­gre­di­ents is they’re still packed with all their nu­tri­ents and vi­ta­mins so your body’s get­ting that hit,” Jes­sica said.

When Carol took a can­cer di­ag­no­sis hit, she saw no op­tion but to rad­i­cally over­haul her diet.

“We tell peo­ple in our work­shops to take one step at a time but for me it was about my life, so I had to change every­thing about my whole life, holis­ti­cally. I worked on re­build­ing my im­mune sys­tem from the ground up. In the end it was my gut feel­ing. I just had to go with what felt right for me,” Carol said.

“I went all-nat­u­ral and that worked for me. I don’t pro­mote it. It was a hard thing to do but it ob­vi­ously worked for me be­cause I’m still alive 10-and-a-half years later,” she said.

The un­der­ly­ing mes­sage of Ma and Me is preven­tion which Carol says is a lot eas­ier than try­ing to turn a dis­ease around once you have it.

“That was our main aim. We have other work­shops with whole food, like juices and smoothie work­shops and break­fast work­shops, but the desserts are the most pop­u­lar. It’s a good place to start.”

De­li­ciously, there’s even one on how to make your own choco­late.

“We teach how to make your own Fer­rero Rocher, or hazel­nut but­ter in­stead of Nutella and a hazel­nut cheese­cake but it’s all clean, made with all whole food in­gre­di­ents,” Jes­sica said.

“Clean choco­late in­cludes in­gre­di­ents like cashews, al­monds, ca­cao, so noth­ing’s been pro­cessed. The sweet­en­ers we use are nat­u­ral, so that’s dates or or­ganic rice malt syrup is a pop­u­lar one, or pure maple syrup.

“We also use raw ca­cao over co­coa pow­der. With the co­coa, it’s been so heat treated there’s no nu­tri­ents left. Ca­cao is re­ally a su­per­food for the body – it’s full of mag­ne­sium, iron; it’s good for your heart. It’s quite bit­ter be­cause it hasn’t been pro­cessed, but that’s when we talk about adding nat­u­ral sweet­en­ers.”

Still hav­ing Carol here to work DUBBO PHOTO NEWS

with is a def­i­nite sweet­ener for both en­tre­pre­neur­ial women. While the brand is born from her ad­ver­sity, Carol’s nick­name ce­ments her for­ever to their brand.

“My kids call me Ma, so Jess would al­ways be say­ing, “Ma and me this” or “Ma and me that”. That’s how the name came to be.”


Mother and daugh­ter Carol and Jes­sica May­bury’s emerg­ing busi­ness Ma and Me Whole Food Café grew from Carol’s brush with ill­ness which forced her to eval­u­ate the im­pact of food on her health and well­be­ing.

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