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z It was Bri­tish politician John Sweeney who made the fol­low­ing sage ob­ser­va­tion: “How can a so­ci­ety that ex­ists on in­stant mashed pota­toes, pack­aged cake mixes, frozen din­ners and in­stant cam­eras teach pa­tience to its young?”

z Golfers be­ware: Don’t chew on the tees. One golfer who was in the habit of gnaw­ing while he played over­dosed on pes­ti­cides af­ter play­ing 36 holes in one day.

z The long­est word in the English lan­guage that can be typed us­ing only one hand is “stew­ardesses.”

z It’s been re­ported that the last words of 19-cen­tury Amer­i­can au­thor, es­say­ist, bi­og­ra­pher and his­to­rian Wash­ing­ton Irv­ing were, “Well, I must ar­range my pil­lows for an­other night. When will this end?”

z Famed ac­tor Gary Cooper was of­fered the role of Rhett But­ler in the film adap­ta­tion of Mar­garet Mitchell’s novel “Gone With the Wind”, but he turned down the part. He said he be­lieved the movie would be “the big­gest flop in Hol­ly­wood his­tory”. The film went on to win 10 Academy Awards, in­clud­ing one for Best Ac­tor, which was taken home by Clark Gable, who took the part that Cooper refused.

z If you know you have coro­nary is­sues, be­ware of ex­treme tem­per­a­tures. Those who study such things say that you’re more likely to have a heart at­tack on a par­tic­u­larly hot or a par­tic­u­larly cold day.

z Records show that in Eng­land in 1552, Wil­liam Shake­speare’s fa­ther had to pay a fine for lit­ter­ing.


z Mir­rors make a room feel larger, be­cause they re­flect space, es­sen­tially doubling the vis­ual area. But for maximum im­pact, ex­perts say to hang your mir­ror on the wall ad­ja­cent to your win­dow, not across from it. z If you have an is­sue with odours re­main­ing in your plas­tic food con­tain­ers (such as kids’ lunch­boxes), here’s a fix from B.P.: “Fill con­tainer with hot wa­ter, and add a tea­spoon of bak­ing soda. This should re­move smells. Let sit overnight if nec­es­sary.” z Here’s a way to re­move stick­ers, es­pe­cially ones that don’t tear off. Rub la­bels with straight white vine­gar or soak a pa­per nap­kin with vine­gar and lay it over the la­bel. Let it sit for 10 min­utes, then re­move. You should be able to rub the ad­he­sive right off. Reap­ply if nec­es­sary. z Whether you re­cy­cle be­cause of global warm­ing, land­fill over­load or en­vi­ron­men­tal is­sues, the planet thanks you. But re­mem­ber that re­cy­cling is only one part of go­ing green. “Re­duce” and “re-use” are just as im­por­tant. Choose prod­ucts with less pack­ag­ing. Have small ap­pli­ances fixed in­stead of au­to­mat­i­cally re­plac­ing them. And keep re­cy­cling. z Clean your cof­feemaker this way: Fill your cof­feepot with equal parts wa­ter and vine­gar. Add to ma­chine and run as nor­mal. Half­way through the cy­cle, turn the pot off and let the heated mix­ture sit for an hour or more. Com­plete the cy­cle, and run an­other pot or two of plain wa­ter through to rinse.

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