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It was 20th-cen­tury French air force brigadier gen­eral and geopoliti­cian – and bearer of the nick­name “fa­ther of the French atom bomb” – Pierre Marie Gal­lois who made the fol­low­ing sage ob­ser­va­tion: “If you put tom­fool­ery into a com­puter, noth­ing comes out of it but tom­fool­ery. But this tom­fool­ery, hav­ing passed through a very ex­pen­sive ma­chine, is some­how en­no­bled and no one dares crit­i­cise it.”

z Fash­ion his­to­ri­ans claim that Eng­land’s Queen Elizabeth I owned 3000 of the elab­o­rate dresses pop­u­lar dur­ing her time.

z The Great Pyra­mid of Cheops in Egypt is so large that its base would cover 10 foot­ball fields.

z With­out a bot­tle opener, a drunk home­less man in Bel­grade, Ser­bia, was at a loss as to how to open his

zbeer. So he hit upon the bright idea of us­ing a hand grenade to pop the top. A live hand grenade, as it turned out. He popped his own top as well, dy­ing in the in­ci­dent. It’s not known how he got the grenade to be­gin with. z Hu­man skin is about 70 per cent wa­ter, and the hu­man brain is 80 per cent wa­ter. z Those who study such things say that the Eu­ro­pean star­ling is one of the world’s great mim­ics. They have the abil­ity to im­i­tate a sur­pris­ingly wide va­ri­ety of sounds, in­clud­ing a dog’s bark, a cat’s meow, a cow’s moo, the songs of 50 other bird species, the drum­ming of a wood­pecker and a ring­ing tele­phone. z Thought for the Day: “The rea­son why so few good books are writ­ten is that so few peo­ple who can write know any­thing.” – Wal­ter Bage­hot


z “Use an old, fine-tip paint­brush or makeup brush (nat­u­ral bris­tles, not plas­tic) to re­move mis­takes in nail paint­ing. Dip brush in re­mover, and paint around the edges of freshly painted nails to re­move over­paint with pre­ci­sion. Make sure to rinse brush im­me­di­ately, and mark it so that you don’t ac­ci­den­tally use it to ap­ply makeup or any­thing.” – con­tir­buted by E.I. z To “hang” a sturdy file sorter in­side a low cabi­net, use stickon hooks. You can use it to store cut­ting boards or pot lids. Also, when hung in a mid-level cabi­net, you can cre­ate a wrap dis­pens­ing sta­tion with alu­minium foil, waxed paper and plas­tic wrap. z A dryer sheet can be used to safely clean dust from your TV screens.

z Reader N.B. writes in re­sponse to us­ing tooth­paste to cam­ou­flage a nail hole in the wall: “I have found that white chalk is much bet­ter, be­cause it hard­ens just like plas­ter­board.” To use the chalk, make a paste from chalk shav­ings and wa­ter, and ap­ply as you would spackle. Let dry 24 hours.

z “When trav­el­ling, let your host or host­ess know of any se­ri­ous health prob­lems or al­ler­gies you may have, and what to do in case of an emer­gency.” – M.W.

z Here’s a fun ac­tiv­ity to keep the tod­dlers in your life oc­cu­pied while you take care of the gar­den­ing. Give your kids a bucket of wa­ter and a paint­brush, and let them “paint” a wooden fence or even the side of a ce­ment-block house.

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