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Acon­trac­tor in north­ern Aus­tria has been us­ing a Wirt­gen W 100 CFi cold milling ma­chine to lay fi­bre-op­tic ca­bles

The town of En­gel­hart­szell in the Aus­trian state of Up­per Aus­tria is the lat­est town in the re­gion to have broad­band in­ter­net ser­vice con­nected via fi­bre-op­tic cable.

Lo­cal con­trac­tor Hem­mel­mair Frastech­nik was ap­pointed for the in­stal­la­tion. For the road pro­fil­ing and trench-dig­ging work, Hem­mel­mair opted for a Wirt­gen W 100 CFi cold milling ma­chine (usu­ally known as a pro­filer in Aus­tralia) and a new type of cut­ting wheel de­signed specif­i­cally for this job.

Hem­mel­mair dis­cussed the re­quire­ments for the job with Wirt­gen’s prod­uct man­age­ment team and the or­der was placed with Wirt­gen’s de­sign depart­ment in Ger­many.

“We wanted our cus­tomer to be able to use the milling ma­chine flex­i­bly, i.e. be able to switch back to con­ven­tional re­pair jobs as quickly as pos­si­ble,” Wirt­gen cus­tomer ser­vice man­ager Man­fred Stiegler says.

The end re­sult was a cus­tom hous­ing con­tain­ing a nar­row cut­ting wheel fit­ted with stan­dard W6 picks mounted be­hind the folded-in crawler track on the right. With a large cut­ting di­am­e­ter of 1,620mm, it can mill chan­nels up to 600mm deep and 300mm wide. The ro­tary milling mo­tion con­veys the milled ma­te­rial up­wards, where it is dis­charged via a baffle plate and chute.

The deep milling unit is con­trolled di­rectly via the con­trol panel inside the W 100 CFi and this essen­tially means that one op­er­a­tor can com­plete mul­ti­ple jobs.

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