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The Agri­son TX930LX wheel loader has all the power you need and is a breeze to main­tain

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You could pos­si­bly call the av­er­age wheel loader a bit of a one trick pony, but when it comes stan­dard with three dif­fer­ent at­tach­ments it may just de­serve a dif­fer­ent ti­tle. That’s where the Agri­son TX930LX comes in. Sure, two of those at­tach­ments are buck­ets – one be­ing a stan­dard style one cu­bic me­tre, but the other is a four-way, and the sub­stan­tial Eaton hy­draulics make both of them ca­pa­ble of lift­ing 2.2 tonnes. That also goes for the in­cluded pal­let forks, which also ben­e­fit from the ex­tended lift height of 4.5 me­tres – some­thing you won’t get any­where else, short of a tele­han­dler.

The Agri­son TX930LX is pow­ered by a 102bhp (75kW) tur­bocharged four-cylin­der diesel and drives its 16/70-24 wheels via a two-for­ward, two-re­verse ZF hy­dro­static trans­mis­sion. Fuel comes from two out­board tanks with eas­ily read­able level in­di­ca­tors. It’s a beefy pow­er­train for this class and is pro­tected from harm by bash plates and the ex­tra ride height cour­tesy of those big­ger wheels.

Chas­sis wise, it’s hard to go past the all-welded con­struc­tion. There’s no off-the-shelf square tub­ing here. All the box sec­tions are pur­pose rolled and welded from thick sec­tion plate steel.

Brakes are air-as­sisted hy­draulic discs. While they op­er­ate in uni­son, the front and rear brakes have their own sep­a­rate lines and mas­ter cylin­der, so the whole sys­tem won’t go down if ei­ther end is com­pro­mised. The as­sisted drum­type hand­brake, which ba­si­cally can be op­er­ated with one fin­ger eas­ily, is at­tached to the drive shaft at the trans­mis­sion.

The air-con­di­tioned cabin is pos­si­bly the largest you’ll find in its class, mean­ing big­ger op­er­a­tors shouldn’t have any trou­ble find­ing enough room, and it should be rea­son­ably com­fort­able with its four-point rub­ber block mount­ing, weight ad­justable sus­pen­sion seat and ad­justable arm­rests.

Ac­cess is also prob­lem-free with fully ar­tic­u­lat­ing doors that can be locked open for op­er­at­ing in an open-door con­fig­u­ra­tion. The in­te­grated un­der-seat air-con­di­tion­ing makes en­try and exit pos­si­ble from both sides as it doesn’t im­pede ei­ther door­way. Any­one liv­ing in Aus­tralia will ap­pre­ci­ate the dash mounted air vents that di­rect cool air to the face, and the tinted win­dow glass, which re­duces glare and heat pen­e­tra­tion.

Con­trols are straight­for­ward, with bucket op­er­a­tions on the left and stan­dard foot con­trols. The cabin is also where you op­er­ate the hy­draulic quick hitch for the front at­tach­ments.

Above you is the AM/FM ra­dio and, as an added safety fea­ture, a seven-inch screen for the re­vers­ing cam­era. If you’re op­er­at­ing at night, you’ll ap­pre­ci­ate the ad­di­tion of the high-power LED work lights.

Ex­ter­nal fea­tures in­clude a large tool­box near the en­gine bay and an out­let on the air com­pres­sor tank for tyre in­fla­tion, clean­ing air fil­ters, etc. There’s a tow bar and lift­ing points for cran­ing the loader into pits, or oth­er­wise awk­ward ac­cess sites, and the plas­tic guards and rub­ber-mounted side lights en­sure they’ll bend out of the way, rather than out of shape, should they foul on any­thing.

With the com­plete light­ing pack­age, the

Agri­son TX930LX loader is fully road reg­is­tra­ble, and with a road speed of 38km/h it makes it prac­ti­cal to travel be­tween rea­son­ably close by work sites. Whether you’re a farmer load­ing grain, a gar­den sup­plier, or work­ing a quarry, at $27,990 the Agri­son of­fers good value for money, ex­tra ver­sa­til­ity and an Aus­tralia-wide five-year war­ranty. To find out more con­tact Agri­son on 1300 651 830 or visit its web­site www.agri­

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