Many blockchain-based com­pa­nies are fund­ing them­selves with ICOs, or ‘ini­tial coin of­fer­ings’. En­tirely un­reg­u­lated, and a de­lib­er­ate play on the ini­tial pub­lic of­fer­ings in the es­tab­lished in­vest­ment world, they of­fer in­vestors the chance to own a blockchain’s cur­rency at its ad­vent. The more suc­cess­ful the ven­ture is, the more their in­vest­ment be­comes worth. B2Ex­pand launched its ICO in Novem­ber 2016 and raised 350,000, a tidy sum at the time, and since much of it is held in Ethereum its value has in­creased many times since, al­low­ing the stu­dio to quickly grow. How­ever, if Ethereum should de­value, the value goes, too. Fur­ther­more, B2Ex­pand’s Nex­ium in­vestors con­stantly pres­sure the stu­dio to raise Nex­ium’s value.

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