Chrono Ma­gia An­droid, iOS With Puz­zle & Dragons on the wane, Gungho On­line En­ter­tain­ment is turn­ing its at­ten­tions to the pop­u­lar card-bat­tling genre. PAD pro­ducer Daisuke Ya­mamoto reprises his role here and has brought sev­eral of his art team with him, while Sega leg­end Yuzo Koshiro is scor­ing.

Juras­sic World Evo­lu­tion PC, PS4, Xbox One If the idea of a di­nosaur-in­fested Planet

Coaster wasn’t ir­re­sistible enough al­ready, a re­cent flurry of tweets hint­ing at the breadth and depth of the di­no­evo­lu­tion com­po­nent in Fron­tier’s next game al­most sent us into rap­tures.

Left Alive PC, PS4 An­nounced at Tokyo Game Show, it’s all gone a bit quiet for Square Enix’s third­per­son sur­vival game set in the Front

Mis­sion uni­verse. With FromSoft­ware vet Toshi­fumi Nabeshima di­rect­ing, and char­ac­ter de­sign from MGS leg­end Yoji Shinkawa, the pedi­gree’s cer­tainly there.

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