Fe’s post-game gives you a more peace­ful world to ex­plore, let­ting you en­joy the sights and sounds with­out the same pres­sures while you mop up ev­ery­thing you missed. By this time, most play­ers will have un­locked the abil­ity to trot around on all fours – though even run­ning in an un­in­ter­rupted straight line you’ll never reach Amat­erasu-like speed. An­other op­tional abil­ity is less use­ful than it first seems, though it’s a plea­sure to use in cer­tain ar­eas: what we hoped would ex­tend our flight time is in­stead more akin to a mid-air dash. This is trig­gered by swoop­ing, with a dou­ble-tap caus­ing Fe to briefly hover in place be­fore zoom­ing for­ward. But the need to de­scend first to pick up speed means it’s only worth us­ing from the tallest perches.

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