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There are only so many mad ideas 7th Beat Games can dream up, of course – but there is a so­lu­tion. A level ed­i­tor was the most re­quested fea­ture from Rhythm

Doc­tor’s com­mu­nity of fans, to Az­man’s slight ter­ror. “The ed­i­tor it­self is a mag­ni­tude more com­pli­cated than the ac­tual game en­gine,” he says. “It’s been more than a year now since we started it.” It has al­ready spawned over 400 lev­els, al­low­ing play­ers to add rows, beats, vis­ual ef­fects, cutscenes and more. “Peo­ple do a lot of ideas that I’ve never con­sid­ered, and I can ac­tu­ally use those ideas in the game it­self,” Az­man says. “There are some lev­els that are just so good that we out­right pay the level cre­ator to just in­clude it in the game.”

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