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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E317


The Videogame Soda Ma­chine Pro­ject­soda Jess Mor­ris­sette must be thirsty. The Po­lit­i­cal Science pro­fes­sor and ama­teur game de­vel­oper has taken it upon him­self to doc­u­ment ev­ery known case of a soda ma­chine ap­pear­ing in a videogame. There are close to 1,700 ex­am­ples on his reg­u­larly up­dated blog, from the in­fa­mous Nuka-Cola out­fits na­tive to the Fall­out se­ries (in­clud­ing vend­ing ma­chine as­sets from the can­celled Van Buren pro­ject) to drink distrib­u­tors to the less ob­vi­ous Out­last and Vir­tual Boy game

Nester’sFunkyBowl­ing. It’s a won­der­fully use­less ef­fort, with fans send­ing in snaps too. If you’re oddly fas­ci­nated by this sort of thing, there are links to sim­i­lar blogs on the ‘About’ page, a lit­tle be­low a cu­ri­ous ad­mis­sion from Mor­ris­sette: not one of his games fea­tures a soda ma­chine.


Shadow Of The Colossus – Bound­ary Break With the re­cent re­lease of Blue­point’s PS4 re­mas­ter, it’s the per­fect time for YouTu­ber Sh­e­sez to dig into Team Ico’s orig­i­nal PS2 ad­ven­ture. The Bound­ary Break se­ries charts his dis­cov­er­ies as he uses free cam­eras in em­u­la­tors to un­cover the vis­ual trick­ery in videogame lev­els. Shad­owOf

TheColos­sus uses some deliciously odd de­vices, in­clud­ing hid­ing colossi un­der the world be­fore they ap­pear in the game, and a spooky coun­ter­mea­sure to Peep­ing Toms. Zoomed-out an­gles on cer­tain fights fur­ther il­lu­mi­nate the game’s breath­tak­ing sense of scale.


The World Be­gins With You­be­gins De­spite the ti­tle, this is not the un­of­fi­cial pre­quel to Square Enix’s cel­e­brated ARPG. The vibe of Fabian Den­ter’s be­witch­ing puz­zle plat­former couldn’t be more dif­fer­ent, haunt­ingly scored in shiv­er­ing synths and suf­fused with mag­i­cal light. Its young, caped pro­tag­o­nist and mys­te­ri­ous set­ting re­calls Te­quila Works’

Rime, as you stum­ble and hop across rocky pil­lars or push through gi­gan­tic mazes. At other times, Play­dead’s In­side comes to mind: one se­quence in­volv­ing an es­cape on a boat leads to some dis­turb­ing deaths, our hero crum­pling un­der the gaze of deadly tur­rets. The short story is more sug­ges­tive than sat­is­fy­ing, the plat­form­ing is floaty and wayward, and poor sign­post­ing through­out can frus­trate – but this solo game jam pro­ject has an el­e­gance that of­ten takes larger teams years to achieve.


Su­per Nt­pernt Seat­tle firm Ana­logue is fast carv­ing out a niche as a de­signer of lus­cious reimag­in­ings of clas­sic gam­ing hard­ware – and bet­ter yet, it’s learned to con­trol costs since the re­lease of its $450 NES, the Nt. Clock­ing in at a com­par­a­tively rea­son­able $189, the Su­per Nt plays orig­i­nal SNES car­tridges in 1080p us­ing a field-pro­gram­mable gate ar­ray chip con­tain­ing re­verse-en­gi­neered SNES cir­cuitry. That means that games play na­tively, rather than through em­u­la­tion, with zero in­put lag added along the way. There are trade-offs, par­tic­u­larly for retro purists; while the Nt had ana­logue and dig­i­tal out­puts, this only has HDMI. An adap­tor for CRT users is, at least, in the works. Fi­nally, some jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for still hav­ing that Hat-Trick­Hero cart we’ve some­how never been able to bring our­selves to part with.


Crate strides EA’s Bat­tle­front II patch im­proves pro­gres­sion, buff­ing pay­outs

Scar­lett fever Sasha Hostyn makes StarCraft his­tory as the first woman to win a ma­jor

Burn­ing Burni pas­sion In­spired by Fire­watch, a US teenag­teenager be­comes a fire-to­tower his­to­rian

Man Ma or beast Mon­ster HHunter: World’s crea­turesc wewere mo­capped by ac­tual, flflail­ing hu­mans


Hard pass In­die re­tailer Game­ware re­fuses to stock Xboxes af­ter Game Pass up­date

Stone dead Marvel Vs Cap­com: In­fi­nite misses Evo – and the Pro Tour. Sheesh

Skies the limit Fail­bet­ter lay­offs fol­low slow Sun­less Skies sales. Our best to all af­fected

Any port Crash Bandi­coot N.Sane Tril­ogy hits Switch and PC this year. Please, stop


Home au­to­ma­tion apoc­a­lypse: Alexa has be­gun un­der­stand­ing my 3 yr old. “Alexa, turn up the tem­per­a­ture in the liv­ing room.” “Alexa, or­der more peanut but­ter.” “Alexa, play Justin Bieber.” All are ba­si­cally do­mes­tic equiv­a­lents of nu­clear launch or­ders

Mark Nose­wor­thy @knows­wor­thy Ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer, Destiny2

Hmm, both Bit­coin and Dow Jones plung­ing? Good thing I put all my money into the safest in­vest­ment: de­vel­op­ing an in­de­pen­dent videogame

John­ne­mann Nord­ha­gen @john­ne­mann Cre­ator, WhereTheWaterTastesLikeWine

I’m hit­ting the road for a week start­ing to­mor­row, so I’m mak­ing sure that ev­ery time I go back to the base in

Mon­sterHunter I carry Poo­gie to the sunny spot on the car­pet by all the plantsants be­cause I’m a god damned twelve year old that’sat’s overly in­vested in dig­i­tal an­i­mals

Zoë Quinn @Un­burn­tWitch­burn­tWitch Co-founder, Crash Over­ride Net­work

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