B2Ex­pand is a de­vel­oper that has shoul­dered the task of con­struct­ing an econ­omy along­side its games, and its value is tied ex­plic­itly to the qual­ity of those games. The more peo­ple who play them and buy things from B2Ex­pand’s store then the stronger its econ­omy, founded on its Nex­ium cryp­tocur­rency, be­comes. And yet the stu­dio de­stroys half of all the rev­enue it makes on pur­chases as a mea­sure to pre­vent Nex­ium de­valu­ing as a re­sult of the over­all sup­ply of cur­rency in­creas­ing as more peo­ple trade in it. If these two prin­ci­ples seem at odds, well, wel­come to eco­nomics. Since B2Ex­pand funded the stu­dio with an ICO, it’s anx­ious to en­sure the value of Nex­ium its early in­vestors own raises in value.

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