Char­bit and Marty see Im­prob­a­ble’s Spa­tialOS as the first rev­o­lu­tion in games since they jumped on­line. It casts aside the old lim­i­ta­tions of client-host or peer-topeer con­nec­tions in favour of play­ers con­nect­ing to Spa­tialOS’s ar­chi­tec­ture of many dis­trib­uted servers, and it al­lows largescale shared and per­sis­tent sim­u­lated worlds. “We’re go­ing to have a mas­sive world that’s fully sim­u­lated,” says Char­bit. “I used to work on As­sas­sin’s

Creed and its pil­lar was ‘a liv­ing breath­ing world’, where you’re in Paris and you see the NPCs per­form­ing ac­tions around you, but they’re trig­gered by you be­ing close and they’re not fully sim­u­lated. In Pro­ject C we have a world where we can place we­b­cams in it and see it liv­ing, ac­tions be­ing per­formed with­out be­ing trig­gered by play­ers.”

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