At each city, you can pan­han­dle or find a job to earn money. Cash can be spent on food to stave off hunger – be­cause a skele­ton’s still got to eat – or to travel by rail to a hand­ful of nearby lo­ca­tions. You can hop a train else­where, too, though at con­sid­er­able risk: if you’re caught, you’ll be beaten to death, which sends you back to your last stop via an­other chat with Sting’s vulpine an­tag­o­nist. Tired­ness is a fac­tor, too: fail to find a rest stop dur­ing a long trek, and you’ll pass out from ex­haus­tion. Th­ese sur­vival el­e­ments feel like an­other point­less dis­trac­tion, adding noth­ing but ex­tra busy­work. Dim Bulb could sim­ply have had the wolf show up pe­ri­od­i­cally, and none of this would have been missed in the slight­est.

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