Spar­tan ex­is­tence


The new God Of War is stuffed with RPG sys­tems far be­yond its ex­ten­sive up­grade­able skill trees. Early on in the game, Kratos runs into one of the dwarves who forged his Le­viathan Axe, and from then on is able to visit the Dwar­ven Shop to both craft stronger ar­mour and up­grade weapons. You can cus­tomise weapons by out­fit­ting their slots with light and strong runic at­tacks, gems and pom­mels found in hid­den chests or pur­chased from the work­shop (our axe, for in­stance, ben­e­fits greatly from Hel’s Touch, a light runic at­tack with burst knock­back). You can also in­crease both Kratos’ max­i­mum health and stamina me­ters by pick­ing up a limited num­ber of col­lectibles hid­den around the world.

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