Fist im­pres­sions


De­spite hit­ting Ja­panese shelves some 15 months af­ter Yakuza 6, Hokuto Ga

Go­toku does not make use of the new Dragon En­gine. In­stead it’s built on the same tech as

Yakuza 0; while that means a solid 60fps dur­ing open play, it can also feel like a step back, par­tic­u­larly in the look of the game. A cel-shaded aes­thetic means char­ac­ters es­cape the worst of it, but en­vi­ron­ments come off par­tic­u­larly badly; a post-apoca­lypse desert waste­land is never go­ing to be easy on the eye, sure, but it’s jar­ring stuff none­the­less.

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